Moving Tasks Between Lists in Gmail Tasks

Google tasks screenshot


Moving a task from one list to another in Gmail Tasks is an easy, quick process.

About task lists: Google Tasks allows you to group tasks into lists — for example, "Home," "Business," "Family," or whatever designation you choose to give.

Why the Ability to Move Tasks is Helpful

The lists in Gmail Tasks are designed to help you stay organized. The ability to move tasks between them can be helpful in any number of situations:

  • If you find that one list is too overwhelming, you can divide its tasks up by day or category to make them more manageable.
  • You can break up a new project into smaller lists, each with its own tasks.
  • Sometimes, a task simply lands in the wrong list, or you change your mind.

No matter the reason, moving tasks around is as easy as shuffling papers on your desk.

How to Move Tasks Between Lists in Gmail Tasks

To move a task from one Gmail Tasks list to another (existing) list:

  1. Highlight the task you'd like to move.

    Highlighted Google Task
  2. Press Shift-Enter or select the title of the task to open it.

    Open Google Task
  3. Select list name. From the drop-down menu that opens, choose the list to which you want to move this task.

    Select list in Google Tasks
  4. Click the backward arrow. You will return to the task's original list, not the new one.

Creating a New List

To create a new list, simply select the down arrow next to the current list name and choose Create new list from the drop-down menu.

Create new Google Tasks list