How to Mark Email Read in Gmail

Quickly clear out your queue without reading every message

When you want to mark messages in Gmail as read without opening unread messages, Gmail has several controls that help you get to that zero notification point. Use these controls to select one or more messages as read, or to open an entire label. In addition, Gmail has keyboard shortcuts that make everything faster and more efficient.

Mark Email Read in Gmail

To mark an email or emails read in Gmail:

  1. Open a web browser, and sign in to Gmail.

    Gmail inbox
  2. Select the check box next to the messages that you want to mark as read. Or, check a range of messages. If you want certain messages, search for the desired attributes and mark as read within the search results.

    You can also check all messages in the current label or search results for marking.

    Gmail inbox with a selection box highlighted
  3. Go to the toolbar and select Mark as read.

    Gmail inbox with the Mark as Read button highlighted
  4. Every message that you selected is marked as read.

    Gmail inbox messages marked read

The Hotkey Shortcut

There's a quick way to mark messages as read using a hotkey. It takes a minute or two to set up, but it can be a time-saver in the future.

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox.

    Gmail inbox
  2. Select Settings.

    Turn off Gmail conversation view
  3. Choose Settings.

    Turn off Gmail Conversation View
  4. On the Gmail Settings page, go to the General tab.

    Gmail Settings with the General tab highlighted
  5. In the Keyboard shortcuts section, select Keyboard shortcuts on. Then, select Save Changes.

    Gmail settings with the Keyboard Shortcuts options highlighted
  6. Go to your inbox, then select the messages that you want to mark as read.

    Check more messages to mark read in Gmail
  7. Hold Shift and press i to mark the messages as read. The hotkey to mark messages as read is Shift+I.

    Messages marked as read with Gmail hotkey

Mark All Mail Read in a Label or View in Gmail

To mark as read all messages in a Gmail label or view:

  1. Open the label that you want to work in, and make sure that no messages are checked.

    If hotkeys are enabled, press *n to deselect all mail.

  2. Go to the toolbar and select More (the icon is three stacked dots).

    With hotkeys, you can also press . (dot) to open the More menu.

    Gmail inbox with the "more" menu icon highlighted
  3. Select Mark all as read.

    To use the keyboard, press Down followed by Enter.

    Gmail inbox with the Mark All as Read option highlighted
  4. All messages in the label are marked as read.

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