How to Mark Spam in Facebook Messages

Report Spam or Abuse… in Facebook screenshot

If you see a spammy message on Facebook, you can report it easily.

You will and possibly do see much on Facebook: notifications, news, messages from friends and emails of all sorts. What you should—and, typically, will—see sparingly is genuine spam.

This, of course, is thanks to Facebook Messages's handsomely capable spam filter. When you do come across the occasional junk mail or message, you can help improve that filter and remove the offending message from your inbox in one go.

Mark as Spam in Facebook Messages

To report an email or direct message as spam for the Facebook Messages junk mail filter:

  1. Open the message or conversation in Facebook Messages.

  2. In the desktop web version, click the Actions gear icon ().

    In Facebook mobile, tap the menu button next to the conversation participants on top.

  3. Select Report Spam or Abuse… from the menu that comes up.

  4. Choose one of the items if they apply under Why do you want to report this conversation?, otherwise select I'm not interested.

  5. Click Continue.

Mark as Spam in Facebook Messenger

To report a conversation as spam in Facebook Messenger:

  1. Swipe left over the conversation you want to mark as spam.

  2. Tap More.

  3. Select Mark as Spam from the menu.