How to Manually Check for Updates Using iTunes

Instantly download iTunes updates without having to wait

By default, the iTunes software automatically checks for updates every time the program is run. However, there can be instances when this feature isn't available. For example, the option to automatically check may have been disabled in the program's preferences, or your Internet connection might have dropped before or during an update check session. To manually check for iTunes updates, ensure your iPod, iPhone, or iPad is connected and run the program now. Follow these steps:

For the PC version of iTunes

  • Click the Help menu tab on the main iTunes screen.
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, choose the Check for Updates option.

Once iTunes has been updated, close the program and run it again to check that it functions correctly. You may also have to restart your computer depending on what updates have been applied.

For the Mac Version of iTunes

  • Click the iTunes menu tab on the main screen.
  • Choose the Check for Updates menu option.

As with the PC version, you may have to restart the computer after iTunes updates itself. It's also a good idea to re-run iTunes to make sure everything is working.

Alternative Way

If you're having problems using the above method, or iTunes doesn't run at all, then you can also upgrade iTunes by downloading an up-to-date installation package. You can download the latest version from theĀ iTunes website. Once downloaded, simply run the installation package to see if it fixes your problem.