How to Create and Manage Your Tasks in Gmail

Create a to-do list and schedule tasks on your calendar

Gmail includes a powerful task manager that you can use to keep up with your tasks and create simple lists. Along with adding tasks to a list, you can make tasks sub-tasks (or dependents) of other tasks and set up multiple task lists to organize your activities.

Get Started With Tasks in Gmail

By default, the task list in Gmail is hidden behind a menu, but you also have the option to have it open, display in the lower-right corner of the Gmail screen, or minimize it to the right side if it's in the way.

  1. Open your Gmail inbox.

    Gmail inbox
  2. In the right panel, select Tasks (the icon looks like a check mark).

    Gmail inbox with the Task Manager icon highlighted
  3. Select Get started.

    Gmail Tasks window with the Get Started button highlighted
  4. The sub-window changes, and the main Tasks screen appears.

    Gmail tasks

Create a New Task

With the Tasks screen open, you can start using it. Here's how to add a new task.

  1. Select Add a task.

    Gmail inbox with the Add a Task button highlighted
  2. In the new task field, enter a descriptive name for the task.

    Gmail Task manager with a task highlighted
  3. To make changes to the task, select Edit (the pencil icon located to the right of the new task).

  4. Add notes, set a date and time, categorize the task, and add subtasks for multi-step projects.

    Gmail edit task
  5. When you're done, press the back arrow.

    Task editor in Gmail with the back arrow highlighted

Set a Date and Time

To add a task to your calendar so that you'll be reminded when the task is due:

  1. Select Edit next to the task you want to set a date or time.

    Gmail with new task added
  2. On the edit screen, select Add date/time.

    Gmail task manager with the Add Date/Time button highlighted
  3. On the calendar, select the date you need to complete the task.

    Add a date to a Gmail task
  4. Select Set time, then use the time selection menu to pick the time the task is due.

    Task editor in Gmail with the Set Time button highlighted
  5. If the task repeats, choose Repeat.

    Task editor in Gmail with the Repeat button highlighted
  6. When you're satisfied with everything, select Ok.

    Task editor in Gmail with the OK button highlighted

Link to-do items to emails so that you don't have to search for the email that details everything you need to know to complete a task.

Add Subtasks

When a task requires that several smaller steps be taken to complete the task, add these subtasks to the main task.

  1. Select Edit next to the task.

    Gmail with new task added
  2. Choose Add subtasks.

    Task editor in Gmail with the Add Subtasks button highlighted
  3. In the new field that appears, enter a description of the subtask.

    Task editor in Gmail with the title field for a subtask highlighted
  4. Select Add subtasks to add additional subtask entries.

    Task editor in Gmail with the button to add more subtasks highlighted
  5. To complete a subtask, select the circle to the left of its name to check it off.

    Task manager in Gmail with the "Mark complete" button highlighted
  6. To delete a subtask, delete the name of the subtask, then press Backspace in the empty task.

See Completed Tasks

When you want to know which tasks have been check off your list, view the completed tasks. Completed tasks appear at the bottom of the tasks pane.

  1. Select the Completed down arrow to display completed tasks.

  2. The tasks that you finished appear with a check mark to the left and a line through the task name.

    Task manager in Gmail with the Completed tasks area highlighted
  3. Hover over a completed task, then select the trash can icon to delete it.

Delete a Task

To remove a task from a task list:

  1. Select Edit next to the task you want to delete.

    Gmail multiple tasks
  2. Select the trash can to delete the task.

    A task in Gmail with the Delete icon highlighted
  3. After the task is deleted, an option to Undo the delete appears at the bottom of the window for a few seconds.

    A deleted task in Gmail with the Undo button highlighted
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