How to Manage Your Tasks in Gmail

Easily keep track of your todo list

A to-do list
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You have Gmail open all day long and night? Next to it, you have a powerful task manager that you use for simple lists, and you wish you could link from to-do items to relevant emails?

Why not put the task list inside Gmail, always visible alongside your messages or slid elegantly out of the way? In Gmail Tasks, it's easy to create to-do items from emails, too, and you can have multiple lists as well as nested tasks.

Manage Your Tasks in Gmail

To open Gmail tasks:

  • Click Tasks in the left navigation bar or
  • press g followed immediately by k (think "task").

To create a new task:

  • Click in an empty area in Tasks and start typing.

You can also create a task linked to an email and make tasks sub-tasks of other tasks. To organize your tasks further, Gmail lets you set up multiple lists.

To complete a task:

  • Click the empty check mark box.

To delete a task:

  • Click anywhere in the task.
  • Now click the Delete task icon at the Tasks list's bottom.
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