How to Make Money With Your Mobile App

iPhone with gold dollar signs going out of it

Donald Iain Smith / Blend Images / Getty Images

There are infinite competing mobile apps in the market. However, you can still win against the competition, get noticed for your work and more importantly, make money from the sales of your app.

Though the app marketplace may look really intimidating at first glance, developers can carve out a comfortable niche for their apps, if they follow certain norms for success.

Interestingly, the developer can make a profit from the most elementary of apps, if he knows how to go about it. We have here a set of how-to’s on earning from your mobile application.

Create an Innovative App

In a market virtually flooded with all kinds of apps, you, as the developer, have to focus on the approval of your app right now. Make sure to read through all the terms and conditions of the particular app store before submitting your app therein. Reading through the fine print reduces the risk of rejection to a large extent. Try to develop innovative, usable and engaging apps — that will increase chances of approval.

Test the app well before submitting it. Even the slightest slip up on your part may result in rejection of the app.

Promote the App

After crossing the approval process, you need to get customers to download your app. Many app stores do feature new apps on a daily basis, so your chances of getting exposure are good to that extent. But to actually get potential users to notice your app, you should ensure it is of very high quality and put in enough time to promote your app. Displaying a good-looking, polished app will enhance the chances of its sales.

You may even want a designer and programmer to work on the design and the UI.

Do you already run a small niche business? Good for you! You could create a mobile app that is an extension of your own business and show it to the world. For example, if you are in the real estate business, you could probably develop a location-based app which would give people an idea of homes for purchase or rent in that and adjoining areas. Once you are successful in this maiden venture, you will automatically want to try out mobile advertising and such.

For Apps, Size Does Not Matter

It is a fact that many successful apps are huge and quite complex. But you do not necessarily need to develop complex apps to succeed in the market. Even a simple app will do. Small and “light” apps require very little financial investment and less time and effort in designing. These are usually easy to use and so, can also be marketed with minimal effort.

An essentially simple app with great graphics usually scores very high in the app market. Basic gaming apps are very popular for this very reason.

​Give the App Visibility

Giving your app visibility is vital to its success in the app market. You should aim to be getting into the top 25 apps if possible. Start in a small way if you have to and build up from there. Gather an audience for your app and try to get them talking to other people about it too.

Enter a Contest or Event

Entering developer contests gives your app instant exposure. What is more, you also stand a chance to make a good deal of money from your app in this way, in case you happen to win. These contests are usually attended by the who’s who, so your app gets tremendous exposure in the market. Taking part in contests and events also gives you a chance to speak about your innovation and puts the spotlight on your app, thus further enhancing chances of its sales.

Tips for Promoting Your App to Make Money

  1. Generate media buzz about your app. Create a website for it and indulge in a lot of social networking to promote it.
  2. Be ready with your marketing strategies, such as preparing press releases, pictures and video clippings of your app and all other relevant information.
  3. If you have existing apps, present the new one to your existing customers, who will be open to receiving more info from you.
  4. Tie up with other companies for mutual benefit.
  5. Be active on forums and interact with all around. You never know who might turn out to be your next potential customer.