How to Make Minecraft Videos

What to Know

  • Record with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and edit with a free video editor, iMovie, Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere.
  • Do not commit to creating new content daily. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Be yourself and your audience will love you for that.

This article explains how to make Minecraft videos on Windows or Mac.

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How To Make Minecraft Videos

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Michael Fulton / Youtube

Making Minecraft videos is no easy process. Whether it be Let’s Plays, Machinimas, Reviews, Redstone Tutorials or any of the other various video genres out there, it takes time. Nobody is perfect at the beginning, but this article will help you find your place in Minecraft video making scene online.

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Finding Yourself

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Search result for "Minecraft".

Finding yourself is a big process in terms of making content on the internet. The issue with creating videos where anybody can see it is being original. Originality is always the main objective. When creating a product, ask yourself what you would enjoy. After you’ve answered your own question, ask how you could make the audience enjoy it with you.

Looking at someone successful and saying, “I’m going to do exactly what they do”, is more or less the wrong way to approach it. They’ve perfected their own craft, and sadly, if you’ve thought that, somebody else has as well. Be yourself and your audience will love you for that more than you know. You can be yourself easier than you can be somebody else.

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Sony Vegas is one of many editing tools!.

Ask any video maker what the most tedious process is in creating online entertainment and without a doubt, “editing” will be their answer. Without any knowledge​ of editing, do not expect to make videos with the quality of people who have been doing it for years. Exactly how it was said above, “they’ve perfected their own craft”.

If you’re brand new to editing and making videos, We highly suggest recording with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and editing with iMovie or one of the many free video editors depending on your operating system. After getting the hang of editing on those various software's, try moving up to Sony Vegas (Windows only) or Adobe Premiere (works on both).

Finding or inventing your own creative influence is extremely important when deciding how you'd like to create videos. Maybe your creativity comes from your commentary, while others focus on editing. While editing plays a major factor in both, it's not always bad to sometimes let the commentary speak for itself, literally. You will eventually find a balance and know how to portray yourself on the internet, creatively.

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Making MC Videos
Windows Live Movie Maker (now discontinued) is still used by some a great, free option for video editing!.

The Minecraft community is absolutely huge! There are thousands of people uploading Minecraft content on a daily basis, making it very hard to get in and find your place. A thing to remember is that an audience will not grow overnight.

While some people may get very lucky and rise to the top quickly, that does not mean that everybody will. Put forth effort, time, and love into what you’re doing. If you’re doing it and it is not making you happy, perhaps video making is not for you. Do not confuse being discouraged for not enjoying it, however. Every video maker hits a rough patch, even the big ones. Keep trudging along, you’re bound to get an audience.

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Quality, Not Quantity

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Taylor Harris / AntVenom

A giant misconception in not only the Minecraft video making scene but the YouTube scene, in general, is that creating content on the daily is a must. Do not submit yourself to that mindset unless you are absolutely positive that you are ready for that kind of commitment. Never sacrifice quality of a video because you need to get a video out for that day.

A good question to ask yourself when adding the potential final touches on a video is, “If I uploaded this, would I really enjoy this?” If the answer to that question is “No” then it is best not to upload it. If you wouldn’t enjoy your own creation, why should anybody else?

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In Conclusion

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A video by YouTuber "TheRedEngineer".

TheRedEngineer / Youtube

Originality is the key. Don’t get discouraged. Take your time while putting forth the effort. When you get into a rhythm of producing videos you will be able to produce them much more efficiently. Remember, Minecraft is a very hard community of YouTube to get noticed in.

With so many people attempting to do what some would call “the same as everything else”, it’s very easy to blend in. Stand out. Focus on the little things that everybody else doesn’t bat an eye at. If you perfect your craft, an audience will notice. It will definitely take some time, however. 

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