How to Make iPhone Mail Load Faster

Get to your inbox and important messages faster

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If you don't want to watch iPhone Mail spin the asynchronous progress indicator, but instead want to see your most recent messages fast, the iPhone includes ways to make mail load faster and save you time. These settings show only senders and subject lines with no message body previews quickly and without much network traffic.

These instructions apply to iPhones with iOS 12 or later.

Make iPhone Mail Load Faster

To get to the most recent messages faster in iPhone Mail:

  1. Open Settings from the iPhone home screen, then tap Mail.

    Settings and Mail on an iPhone
  2. Select Preview, then tap None.

    Setting the Preview on email to None on an iPhone
  3. You'll only see the recipients and subject lines in your email inboxes, and your phone won't have to load part of the messages.

Earlier versions of iOS let you limit the number of messages Mail would load at a time, but this feature is no longer available.

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