How to Make and Use Telegram Stickers

Easily create customized sticker packs, too

Telegram is a popular messaging app available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the web. The app focuses on security and privacy and has garnered a loyal following among those interested in technology. The everyday person also uses it to communicate with family and friends and connect with others with similar interests.

How Does Telegram Work?

Telegram is similar to Facebook Messenger and other texting apps. You can send your contacts text messages, web links, or images and join groups to communicate with numerous people at the same time. What sets Telegram apart from its rivals is its stickers, which can be customized and made by anyone for free.

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How to Create Telegram Sticker Packs

Unlike other platforms that limit chat sticker creations to paid sponsorships or require a lengthy approval process, Telegram lets anyone create sticker sets in the official Telegram apps and publish stickers live for all users to use.

Creating Telegram sticker packs is free and there's no limit to the number of stickers within each pack.

The sticker creation process involves the use of the built-in Telegram chatbot. Here's how to use it to create Telegram stickers on the platform for everyone to use.

  1. Create sticker images in your preferred image editing program and save the images.

    Save each sticker as a separate PNG file with a transparent background. The sticker should measure exactly 512 x 512 pixels in size.

  2. Open the Telegram app on your computer.

  3. Activate the Telegram Sticker chatbot by selecting this link here or by searching for Stickers within the Telegram app's search bar.

    The chatbot's handle is @Stickers and has a verified checkmark next to it.

  4. In the chat, type /newpack, and press Enter.

  5. Type the name of your new sticker pack, and press Enter.

    A sticker pack is a collection of stickers that share a common theme. There's no limit to the number of stickers you can have in a pack.

  6. To upload your first sticker, select the file icon and browse your computer for a PNG file.

  7. The Stickers chatbot asks you to associate the PNG file with an emoji. For example, if the sticker has a happy face, you may want to use the happy face emoji. Enter the emoji, and press Enter.

  8. Upload the second PNG file and assign it a unique emoji. Continue with all of your PNG files.

  9. After you enter your Telegram stickers, type /publish, and press Enter.

  10. The Stickers chatbot asks you to select an image to function as the promo artwork for your Telegram sticker pack. If you want, type /skip to use the first PNG file you uploaded or upload another file.

  11. Enter a name for your Telegram sticker pack's URL. This can be anything, but it will look professional if it's a proper word and one that relates to the theme of the pack.

  12. Your new Telegram sticker pack is now live and can be used by yourself and others or shared online.

All Telegram Sticker Chatbot Commands

Here's the full list of commands you can use with the Telegram Stickers chatbot to create and edit stickers or view their associated statistics.

Stickers and Masks

  • /newpack: Create a new sticker pack.
  • /newmasks: Create a new pack of masks.
  • /newanimated: Create a pack of animated stickers.
  • /addsticker: Add a sticker to an existing pack.
  • /editsticker: Change emoji or coordinates.
  • /ordersticker: Reorder stickers in a pack.
  • /setpackicon: Set a sticker pack icon.
  • /delsticker: Remove a sticker from an existing pack.
  • /delpack: Delete a pack.


  • /stats: Get stats for a sticker.
  • /top: Get top stickers.
  • /packstats: Get stats for a sticker pack.
  • /packtop: Get sticker packs top.
  • /topbypack: Get top stickers in a pack.
  • /packusagetop: Get usage stats for your packs.
  • /cancel: Cancel the last command you used.

How to Use Telegram Stickers

Finding and using Telegram stickers is free and intuitive. Here's how.

  1. From a Telegram chat window, hover the mouse cursor over the smiley face icon next to the text box.

    Telegram Desktop app on Windows 10.

  2. Above the emoji, select Stickers.

    Telegram Desktop app on Windows 10.

  3. A number of popular Telegram sticker packs are available for you to use. Select one of these to add it to your Telegram chat conversation.

    Telegram Desktop app on Windows 10.

  4. If you want to find new Telegram sticker packs, select the search icon in the lower-left corner of the sticker box and enter a name or subject.

    Telegram Desktop app on Windows 10.

  5. If the sticker pack hasn't been added to the app, select Add to the right of the pack's name to add the Telegram sticker pack to your app.

    Telegram Desktop app on Windows 10.

How to Share Telegram Stickers

After adding a Telegram sticker pack to the app, you can share it with anyone. Open the sticker box, as shown above, select the name of the sticker pack, and then select Share Stickers.

This copies the web URL of the Telegram sticker pack to your device's clipboard. You can send the URL to friends in a Telegram message, email, or another chat app. You can also post a link to it on your blog or website.

Is There a Stickers Telegram App?

There isn't an official Stickers Telegram app, though some unofficial ones may be available within the iOS and Android app stores. Such apps aren't needed because the main official Telegram app has all of the sticker functionality you'll need.

Are Telegram Stickers Copyrighted or Protected?

There isn't an approval process when you create Telegram stickers. Stickers can be removed if you use copyrighted material in them and the owner of the property requests that they be taken down.

It's best to use original artwork or concepts for your Telegram stickers. If you think your pack has been removed by accident, contact Telegram by email at

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