How to Make an Event Private in Google Calendar

When You Share, They Don't Have to See Everything Scheduled

Google Calendar
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Sharing your personal calendar with your best friend was a fabulous idea.

Except for every time you want to schedule buying them theater tickets, books, and other gifts. Is there, in Google Calendar, no way to share a calendar but hide individual events from other persons' view?

There is, of course, and making items private is easy in Google Calendar.

Make an Event Private in Google Calendar

To make sure an event is not visible on a shared calendar in Google Calendar:

  • Double-click the desired appointment.
  • Make sure Private is selected under Privacy.
    • If you cannot see a Privacy section, make sure the Options box is open.
  • Click Save.

Note that all other owners of the calendar (i.e. people with whom you share the calendar and whose permission is set to either Make changes to events or Make changes AND manage sharing) can still see and edit the event. Everybody else will see busy, but no event details.