How to Make a YouTube Channel

Become the next viral internet star

YouTube is an excellent platform for showcasing your work, sharing things about yourself, and connecting with an audience. Making a YouTube channel is similar to creating a social networking profile, but instead of featuring status updates and photos, your channel will feature videos.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Figuring out how to set up a YouTube channel is easy when you know the necessary steps. Once you have your channel ready, you can customize it and start uploading videos.

  1. Navigate to and select the Sign In button in the top right corner to log into your Google Account if you're not already signed in.

    On the mobile app, tap the empty profile picture icon in the top right of the app, followed by the blue Sign In button on the next tab. Tap + Add account to sign in via your Google Account by following the steps given.

  2. Select your profile picture icon in the top right corner and then select Create a Channel from the list.

    If you have previously created a channel, the option will be Your channel instead.

    The Create a Channel command on YouTube
  3. Select the Get Started button.

    Get Started button in YouTube channel setup
  4. Choose Use your name to create a channel using the name and picture on your Google account or choose Use a custom name if you want to use another name and picture.

    Choose how to create your channel in YouTube setup
  5. If you choose to use a custom name, enter the name you wish to use in the Channel Name box. Select the check box to agree to the terms and then choose the Create button.

    Create your channel name box
  6. Upload a new profile picture, if desired.

    Upload a profile picture in YouTube
  7. Scroll down to Tell viewers about your channel section to enter a description and links to your other pages.

    Tell viewers about your channel
  8. Select the Save and Continue button to finish.

    Save and Continue button in YouTube channel setup
  9. Select the Upload Video button to add a video to your new YouTube channel.

    The "Upload Video" button on YouTube

You can create multiple YouTube channels to manage under the same Google Account. YouTube makes it easy to switch between your channels.

How to Customize Your YouTube Channel

Now that you've created your YouTube channel, you can make it your own by taking advantage of the customization features.

Full customization of your YouTube channel requires you to access YouTube from a web browser. The mobile app only allows you to customize a couple of pieces of fundamental information, such as your channel name and description.

  1. Sign in to your account at, then select your profile picture icon in the top right corner, followed by Your channel in the dropdown list.

    The "Your Channel" heading on YouTube
  2. Select the blue Customize Channel button in the upper right.

    The Customize Channel button on YouTube
  3. YouTube Studio opens in a new tab. Select the Layout tab to add a channel trailer, featured video or sections to your channel.

    The Layout tab in YouTube customization
  4. Select the Branding tab to upload a new profile picture, a banner image or a watermark.

    Branding tab of YouTube channel customization
  5. Select the Basic Info tab to edit your channel name, description, logo, links, or contact information.

    Basic info tab of YouTube channel customization
  6. Select the Publish button in the upper right to apply any changes.

    The Publish button in YouTube channel customization