How to Make a Snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Build the perfect Snowboy

When winter approaches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, several more activities become available, not the least of which being the ability to use the two snowballs that appear on your island every day to make a Snowboy. You can accomplish this with little further instruction, but to get the most out of your snowmen, you need to roll your snowmen's heads and bodies to their ideal proportions.

Unfortunately, the frozen friends don't tell you what that ratio is, but you can build the perfect Snowboy following a simple procedure.

How to Build a Perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Whether your Snowboy ends up being perfect or not, the process for building one is basically the same. Follow the below procedure to succeed every time.

You can only build Snowboys from mid-December to mid-February in the Northern Hemisphere, or mid-June to mid-August in the Southern Hemisphere.

  1. Locate the two snowballs on your island. New ones spawn every day at 5 a.m. They'll always appear close together, but they may not be in the same area every day.

    Two snowballs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  2. Set up a line of items on the ground that won't interfere with the snowballs. This example uses six fruits (five peaches and a coconut), but you can also use crafting materials like tree branches; furniture leaves; and flowers. Whatever you end up using will help you roll specific distances (each one marks a "tile" on the ground) without interfering or breaking the snowball.

  3. When you first start moving snowballs, you'll kick them about 13 times before they're large enough to roll. Try to time and place your kicks to put the ball on top of the first item in your row when you start to roll it.

    A line of items for rolling snowballs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  4. Roll the snowball until it's on top of the last item in the row.

    Rolling a snowball into a tree, rock, or decoration, over a cliff, or into water, will destroy it. Go into a building and then come back out to make them reappear.

    The first roll in making a perfect Snowboy.
  5. Roll the snowball back the other way until it returns to where it started (on top of the first item in line).

    Rolling the snowball back to the front of the line
  6. Roll the snowball back to the other side one more time.

    The perfect Snowboy's body
  7. Kick the second snowball until it's big enough to roll. Again, try to make it so it's on top of the first item when it becomes rollable.

    The second snowball ready to roll
  8. Roll the second ball (which will be the head), down the line of items and into the first ball. The head will automatically jump up on top of the body. The Snowboy who appears should congratulate you and give you a DIY recipe and a large snowflake if you've succeeded.

    The perfect Snowboy gives the player a large snowflake

What Makes a Perfect Snowboy?

Based on studying a variety of techniques (including the one above), what makes a Snowboy 'perfect' has to do with the distance you roll the body vs. how far you roll the head. Generally, it appears that you succeed at building when you've rolled the body between two and three times as far as the head. Based on this info, you can adapt this process to produce Snowboys in a variety of sizes.

This ratio applies to the distance and not the sizes of the snowballs. In other words, the body should not be two or three times larger than the head; it just should have traveled that much farther before you make your stack.

To do so, either add more items to the line on the ground, or roll the snowballs back and forth more times. Also, if your snowballs show up in a spot that doesn't have as much room for rolling, you can use a combination of fewer items and more rolls to make the most of the space you have. As long as you maintain the ratio, you'll get a perfect Snowboy every time.

The snowballs do have an upper size limit, so this technique won't work past a certain size.

Why Build a Perfect Snowboy?

Along with not having imperfect Snowboys remind you of their lesser quality every day until they melt, building the perfect one comes with benefits. Perfect Snowboys provide you a recipe from the 'Frozen' series, and they give you the large snowflakes you need to build most of them. You can collect a large snowflake as long as the Snowboy is around (four days), so be sure to check back with them every day so you can make everything possible.

A perfect Snowboy rewards the player with a DIY recipe

What's in the Frozen Series?

Gathering and building the winter-themed Frozen series is the ultimate point of building perfect Snowboys. Here are all of the available items, decorations, flooring, and wallpaper you can make during the winter and what you'll need to make them. Along with the large snowflakes you get from your creations, you'll also need regular snowflakes, which you can find floating around outside and catch with your net.

Even if you have the necessary ingredients, you can't craft these items without obtaining the recipe from a Snowboy.

Item  Ingredients
Frozen Arch 1 large snowflake + 10 snowflakes
Frozen Bed 1 large snowflake + 10 snowflakes
Frozen Chair 1 large snowflake + 3 snowflakes
Frozen Counter 1 large snowflake + 5 snowflakes
Frozen Partition 1 large snowflake + 6 snowflakes
Frozen Pillar 1 large snowflake + 4 snowflakes
Frozen Sculpture 1 large snowflake + 4 snowflakes
Frozen Table 1 large snowflake + 8 snowflakes
Frozen Treat Set 1 large snowflake + 1 snowflake
Frozen Tree 1 large snowflake + 8 snowflakes
Ice Flooring 1 large snowflake + 8 snowflakes
Ice Wall 1 large snowflake + 8 snowflakes
Three-Tiered Snowperson 1 large snowflake + 6 snowflakes + 2 tree branches
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