How to Make a Wii Mii

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Open the Mii Editor

Mii editor screenshot

From the Wii home screen, click on Mii Channel, and then on Start. This will transport you to "Mii Plaza" where your Miis will wander around idly after you make them.

Click the New Mii button to the left of your screen (it looks like a happy face with a "+" on it) to start a new Mii. You can also click on the Edit Mii button (the happy face with the eye) to change any existing Miis you have created.

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Choose Your Mii’s Basic Attributes

select gender of your Mii

Choose your Mii's gender. If you are lazy you can click on Choose a look-alike to bring up a screen of Miis to choose from, but it’s more fun if you click Start from scratch, which will pull up the main edit screen with a generic Mii to work on.

At the top of your screen is a row of buttons. Click the first one. This allows you to fill out basic information on your Mii such as name, birth date and favorite color (which, if you’re making a Mii based on yourself, could, of course, be your name, birth date, and favorite color).

You can also decide whether your Mii should “mingle” by clicking the Mingle box. If your Wii is connected to the Internet then your Miis can wander to another player’s Mii Plaza, and your Mii Plaza will become filled with Mii strangers.

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Design Your Mii's Head

Mii head design

Most of the Mii edit screen is devoted to the head and face, allowing designers to create Mii version of themselves, friends or celebrities.

Click button two at the top of the screen to set a height and weight for your Mii.

Button three gives you the option to create the shape and complexion of your Mii’s face. and to pick an appropriate skin tone. You have six choices for skin tone, so you should find something reasonable here. There are 8 face shapes plus a selection of facial features like freckles or age lines. These features can’t be mixed, so if you want both freckles and wrinkles you’re out of luck.

Button four brings up the hair selection screen. You have 72 hair looks to choose from, as well as 8 colors. Many of the styles can be applied to either gender successfully.

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Design Your Mii's Face

Mii face design

Face design is central to creating a good Mii, and offers the most choices. Feature can be moved, resized and in some cases rotated. While these capabilities are designed to let you create a good likeness, some people have found that if you do things like move the eyes to the chin and line eyebrows up vertically then you can create some very surprising Mii faces, like a face with a penguin on it.

The fifth button is for eyebrows. You may choose from 24 brow looks, or even no brows if that suits you. Arrows to the right let you move, rotate and resize the brows. You also can change the color to something other than your hair color

The sixth button lets you choose and adjust your eyes. You can choose a color, make them close-set or far apart, change their size and put them anywhere on the face.

The seventh is the nose button. There are 12 options here. Use the arrows to increase or decrease nose size, or to adjust its position.

The eighth button gives you the mouth for your Mii. You have 24 choices. You can choose 3 shades ranging from flesh toned to pink. As with other features, use the arrows for customization.

The ninth button will lead you to accessories. Here you can really switch things up for your Mii with glasses, moles and facial hair.

When you are pleased with the look of your Mii, click the “Quit” button. Then choose “Save and Quit” so your efforts are not lost.

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Make More Miis

Nintendo Mii Channel

You don’t need to stop with one Mii. Whenever we have a friend visit to play on Wii, we have them make a Mii. Usually, they can come up with one that bears a decent resemblance to them. When they come back, their Mii is always waiting for them.

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