How to Make a Check Mark with a Keyboard in MS Office

Add check marks to your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents

What to Know

  • Character codes: Open a Microsoft doc. Place the cursor where you want a check mark. Type 221A, press and hold the Alt key and type X.
  • Autocorrect: Select Insert > Symbol > More symbols. Choose a font. Select the check mark in the symbols list.
  • Then, select AutoCorrect. Type a word (such as ckmrk) to replace with a check mark when you type it.

This article explains two ways to make a check mark in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Instructions in this article apply to Excel 2010 and newer, Word 2010 and newer, and PowerPoint 2010 and newer.

How to Make a Check Mark on Keyboard

Insert a check mark (sometimes referred to as a tick mark) in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel worksheets by making a check mark on the keyboard using character codes. ASCII and Unicode codes include symbols and special characters, such as check marks. When you know the right character code, you can add a check mark easily.

  1. Open the Word document, PowerPoint presentation slide, or Excel worksheet in which you want to add a check mark. Alternatively, open a new, blank document, worksheet, or presentation.

  2. Place the cursor on the file where you want to add the first check mark.

  3. Type 221A, press and hold the Alt key, then type X. A check mark will appear.

How to Create an AutoCorrect Entry for the Check Mark Symbol in Word

If you use check marks a lot, creating your own AutoCorrect entry to use whenever you need to add a check mark makes sense.

Since the AutoCorrect list applies across all Office programs that support the AutoCorrect feature. When you add an entry, it applies to other applications.

  1. Select Insert > Symbol > More Symbols. The Insert Symbol dialog box will open.

  2. Select a font in the Font box.

    Screenshot of Font box in Character Map window
  3. Select the check mark in the list of symbols.

    Selecting the checkmark in Character Map.
  4. Select AutoCorrect. The AutoCorrect dialog box will open.

  5. Type the word or phrase you want to replace with a check mark whenever you type it. In this example, ckmrk is used.

    replace text
  6. Select Add, then select OK to add the AutoCorrect entry and close the dialog box.

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