How to Make a Bumble Profile

No gimmicks, just clear instructions

What to Know

  • Select your profile > Edit. Use the Plus (+) to upload new photos. Go to Profile Prompts and pick one that shows off your personality.
  • Write a brief summary about yourself in the About Me section. Under My basic info, enter height, star sign, pets, exercises, and more.
  • Use Connect your Instagram and Connect your Spotify to link those accounts if you want. Select Done when finished with everything.

Your Bumble profile determines the number of matches you get as well as the quality of those matches. To increase your chances of getting the highest number of quality matches, it's important to fill out as many details on your profile as possible.

A man looking at a Bumble profile on an iPhone.

How to Create and Fill out Your Bumble Profile

Your first activity on Bumble should be to create a complete profile. For some, this is also the hardest. What do you write in there? Here's some help getting started:

The following instructions assume that you have already signed up for a Bumble account via phone number or your Facebook account. Bear in mind that if you signed up via your Facebook account, some information from Facebook (such as your most recent profile photos) will automatically appear in your Bumble profile, which you can change by following these steps.

  1. On the Bumble app, tap the Profile icon in the bottom menu to navigate to your profile tab, then tap the Edit icon (the pencil) beside your profile picture.

    On, select your profile picture in the top left corner.

  2. On both the app and, select the X on any existing photo to remove it or tap the + (plus sign) on an empty photo to upload a new one. You can add up to six photos to your profile.

    You can change the order of your photos on the app by using your finger to drag and drop them into place.

  3. Depending on which mode you're using (Date, BFF or Bizz), the profile sections you see below your photos will look slightly different. For the sake of this tutorial, we're going to assume you're using Date mode.

    To switch between modes on the app, you can just swipe left or right from your profile editing tab. If you're on, you'll have to exit the profile editing page by selecting the X in the top right corner, select the logo at the top, then select the appropriate mode before returning to the profile editing page.

  4. In the Profile Prompts section, select a prompt that will help show off your personality. For instance, if you select My dream dinner guest is, you'll be asked to type out an answer.

    Editing a Bumble profile

    You can fill out as many profile prompts as you want and switch between them as often as you want, but you can only showcase one at a time on your profile.

  5. Select the About Me section and type a brief summary about yourself.

    You're limited to 300 characters for this section.

  6. Under the My work & education section, select Add job to fill out your job title and company in the appropriate fields, then select Add or Save.

    Optionally, select Add education to fill out your educational institution and graduation year in the appropriate fields, then select Add or Save.

  7. Under the My basic info section, select each subsection separately to select an option from a multiple choice list (or use scales or maps). For Date mode, you can specify your gender, height, star sign, pets, exercises, and more.

    Screenshots of completing the profile section on Bumble.

    Add details for every single one of the above to increase your chances of getting the most relevant matches. Avoid leaving any blank.

  8. You have the option to link your Instagram and Spotify accounts. Just select Connect your Instagram and/or Connect your Spotify. You'll need the give Bumble permission to access these apps.

    When you link Instagram or Spotify, your most recent Instagram posts and/or your most recently played tracks will appear on your Bumble profile.

  9. When you're done filling out the details of your profile, tap Done in the top right of the app or select the X in the top right of the your browser.

  10. To view how your profile looks to others on the app, tap your profile picture (not the pencil icon).

    You can only view how your profile looks to others currently on the app. There's no such function on the web version.

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