How to Log in to the airG App

Use the airG app to create an account, log in, or reset your password

airG is a mobile app for socializing with others nearby or from around the world. You can find other people by browsing and filtering based on location, age, and other criteria. When you find someone, you can chat or play games with them through the app.

The creator of airG, airG Incorporated, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, it was founded in 2000 and boasts 100 million global members.

Two people chatting on AirG
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Using airG from a computer? You can access your account there, too.

Create an airG Account or Log In

Signing up for airG from the iPhone app

How to Create an airG Account

In order to log in to airG, users must have a free account and password.

  1. Tap Not a Member? Sign-up located below the login form.
  2. Choose a user name and password for your new airG account.
    1. If your desired user name is already being used, there are lots of ways to pick a unique user name. Also be sure to choose a strong password that's hard for others to guess.
  3. Tap SIGNUP.
  4. Fill out the information on the following screen to submit your birthdate.
  5. Tap COME ON IN! to open the profile creation page.
  6. Choose a profile image or take a new one with the Take a Photo button.
  7. Add some of the suggested friends to your friends list or use the Skip button to open your airG account. You can always add friends later.

How to Log in to airG

If you have an airG account, you can log in with your user name and password from the main screen in the app.

  1. With the app open, type your user name and password.
  2. Tap the LOGIN button to log in to your airG account.

If you see a message here about making sure you're signed in to iCloud and have iCloud Drive enabled, follow the on-screen steps to do that.

How to Recover Your airG Password

Recovering an airG account password over email

Don't remember your airG username or password? You can recover them through the app.

  1. Tap Forgot Your Password? located at the bottom of the app's login screen.
  2. An email will be generated with the subject airG Forgot Password. Make sure the message is being sent to, and then send it.
  3. Wait for a reply from airG for information on how to reset your password.

This type of password retrieval or password reset is very outdated and therefore not very secure or quick to complete. In fact, we can't even verify that this works appropriately because we have yet to receive a reply during our testing of this procedure.