Log out of Netflix on Wii

Log out of Netflix on Wii by deactivating your account in the Netflix Channel.

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The Netflix app functions a little differently from one device to the next. On the Wii, the Netflix app is referred to as the Netflix Channel. It has the same basic functionality as Netflix apps on other devices, but it's a little simpler. The most important difference is there's no option to sign out.

If you want to sign out of Netflix on the Wii, the easiest option is to deactivate your account from within the Netflix Channel. You can also use the Netflix website to sign out of Netflix on your Wii, but doing so will also disconnect every other previously authorized device from your Netflix account.

How to Log out of the Wii Netflix Channel

Some Netflix apps include a logout option that allows you to select a menu and log out. The Netflix Channel on the Wii is a little different, because there's no account menu, and you can't sign out using basic menu options.

Log out of Netflix on Wii by accessing the hidden system menu.

To sign out of Netflix on a Wii, you need to deactivate your account in the Netflix Channel. This has the same effect as logging out, but it's a little more difficult because the option is hidden on a secret screen.

Here's how to deactivate your Netflix account on a Wii:

  1. Turn on the Wii.

  2. Select the Netflix Channel.

  3. If you have multiple profiles, select your primary profile.

  4. Wait for the main Netflix Channel screen to load.

  5. Point your Wiimote at your television, and enter the following sequence using the D-pad:

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

    With the Wiimote pointed toward your television, the part of the D-pad nearest to the television is Up, and the part nearest to your body is Down.

  6. Select Deactivate.

  7. Select Yes.

  8. Select OK.

    You can also deactivate your account by deleting the Netflix Channel save data from your Wii. From the main Wii Channel menu, navigate to Wii > Data Management > Save Data > Wii, and erase the Netflix Channel save data.

  9. You're done.

How to Log out of Netflix on a Wii Using a Web Browser

If you are unable to access the hidden system menu in the Netflix Channel on your Wii, or you no longer have access to your Wii, you can still sign out of Netflix. This is useful if you've sold or given away your Wii, and want to prevent the new owner from using your Netflix account.

Signing out of all devices connected to Netflix

Here's how to sign out of Netflix on your Wii, and other devices, using the Netflix website:

  1. Navigate to Netflix.com.

  2. Select your profile icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Select Account.

  4. Scroll down to the Settings section.

  5. Select Sign out of all devices.

  6. Select Sign Out.

    This method will sign you out of every device you've ever connected to your Netflix account, including phones, tablets, streaming devices, and other video game consoles. You'll need to log back into Netflix on each device individually after using this method.

  7. You're done.