How to Invert Colors on Chromebook

Easily invert your Chromebook colors for less eyestrain

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Accessibility > Manage accessibility features. Select Use high contrast mode.
  • You can also turn on high contrast mode with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Search+H.
  • Screenshots captured while in high contrast mode are recorded with normal color contrast.

Staring at bright colors all day on a Chromebook can be exhausting work. If you have a sensitivity to bright lights on the Chromebook's display, you might be unable to browse normally without a solution. But did you know that you can invert colors on your Chromebook to make browsing easier?

How to Invert Chromebook Colors in Settings

Inverting the colors on your Chromebook is easy and only takes seconds to do. Here's how to turn on (or off) inverted colors with just a few clicks.

  1. Start on your desktop screen. You can navigate here by closing or tabbing out of all open windows.

  2. On your main desktop, select the Options menu in the lower-right corner of the screen, then click the Settings gear icon in the menu that appears.

  3. On the Settings screen, you can access most of the system settings you'll ever want to configure on a Chromebook. From there, click Advanced on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, navigate to the bottom of the Settings window, where the Advanced options are also located.

  4. From the Advanced menu on the left, select Accessibility > Manage accessibility features.

  5. Scroll to the Display section of the Accessibility window, and click Use high contrast mode to toggle invert screen colors. To turn it off, click the toggle again to switch back to its original position.


    You can also turn high contrast mode on and off by pressing CTRL+Search+H, which allows you to do everything in the steps above without navigating all the way through the settings.

  6. This is what your Chromebook will look like when the Use high contrast mode option is enabled.


    Any screenshots you take while your system is in High Contrast Mode won't be captured in high contrast mode. Rather, they will be captured with normal color contrast.

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