How to Install YouTube TV on Fire Stick

Stream YouTube TV to any television in your home

What to Know

  • Use Firestick remote to search for and select YouTube TV > select Download. Return to Home screen.
  • Sign in to YouTube TV. You'll receive an activation code to connect the device to your account.
  • Go to in a browser and select Try It Free to get a free trial of the service.

This article explains how to install YouTube TV on a Fire Stick as well as considerations you should make when signing up for this streaming service. Instructions apply to Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Cube.

How to Install YouTube TV on Fire Stick

After registering for a free trial or a full subscription to YouTube TV, it's easy to add the YouTube channel to your Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. Use your Amazon Fire Stick remote to select Search from the Home screen on your television.

  2. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter YouTube TV on the search screen, then select YouTube TV when the search result appears. A list of relevant apps displays.

  3. Scroll through the list of apps to find the YouTube TV app. Select the YouTube TV app to open the download screen.

  4. Select Download and wait while the app downloads to your Fire Stick.

  5. Return to the Home screen. The YouTube TV app appears in the Fire Stick apps listed on your home screen.

  6. Select the YouTube TV app to launch the application.

  7. Select Sign In. An activation code appears.

  8. Go to on a computer or mobile device and enter the code to connect the device to your account. Select Next to complete the activation.

    Screenshot of Connect a Device screen
  9. You can now watch live and on-demand shows and movies on the YouTube TV app on your Amazon Fire Stick.

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a paid streaming service that includes live TV from popular networks as well as original programming. It is similar to other live television streaming services, such as Hulu and Sling.

More than 70 networks are included, such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and HGTV. Local network coverage is offered to more than 98 percent of U.S. households. You also have the option of upgrading with premium add-ons like Starz and Showtime.

YouTube TV costs $64.99 a month and you can cancel at any time or pause it for up to six months at no charge.

While you can watch YouTube on a TV by downloading the YouTube app on a Fire Stick, Roku, or another media streaming device, YouTube TV is not the same as the video-sharing platform on which you might watch gaming, vlogs, or unboxing videos.

How to Sign up for YouTube TV

You can try YouTube TV with the free trial offered by the service. However, you must complete the sign-up process and provide payment information before you can add and watch YouTube TV on your Amazon Fire Stick.

Here's how to sign up:

  1. Go to in a web browser.

  2. Select Try It Free.

    YouTube TV Try It Free button
  3. Sign in to your Google account.

    Screenshot of Google account sign in page
  4. Confirm your ZIP code or select I Don't Live Here and enter the correct information for your home address. Select Let's Go to continue.

    ZIP code confirmation
  5. Select Got It to browse YouTube TV before signing up if desired. At this step, you can see what's on now or search for shows and movies you would like to watch. You cannot stream any content before completing the signup process.

    Browse before signing up screen in YouTube TV signup
  6. Select Start Free Trial to continue. The next screen shows what networks are available in your area. Select Next.

    What's included screen in YouTube TV signup
  7. Select the checkboxes next to any additional premium networks that you want to add to your subscription. Select Next to continue.

    Some premium channels have a free trial while others require immediate payment. Read the details for any channel you are considering before adding it to your YouTube TV trial subscription.

    Add Networks in YouTube TV signup
  8. Select a payment method if you have payment methods connected to your Google account. If not (or if you want to use an alternate payment method), select Add Credit or Debit or Add PayPal and enter your payment information.

    Buy page in YouTube TV signup process

    Aside from the small charge temporarily placed on your account to confirm that it is active, you aren't charged until after your free trial expires. You can cancel at any time.

  9. Select Buy to complete the signup process.

When you start your free trial, YouTube TV charges a small fee to the credit card you provide as an authorization request to make sure your credit card is active. This fee is automatically removed from your account after the card is confirmed. You cannot sign up for YouTube TV using a prepaid credit card.

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