How to Install Microsoft 365 on Your PC

Learn how Microsoft 365 sign up works

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that offers the Office 2019 desktop apps (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) along with the Office Online web apps. With an Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft updates your software regularly. Learn how to purchase and install Microsoft 365.

Instructions in this article apply to Microsoft 365 Home on Windows 10 devices.

Explore the Different Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

Microsoft offers several subscription levels for Microsoft 365. There are three levels aimed at home users:

  • Microsoft 365 Home: Up to 6 users can share this subscription. Each user can install the Office apps on all their devices and has access to 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Microsoft 365 Personal: This subscription is for one user, although you can install the Office apps on all of your devices. You also gain access to 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage. 
  • Microsoft Home & Student 2019: This is a one-time purchase of Office and includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The Office apps can only be installed on one PC or Mac and the version does not come with any OneDrive cloud storage space.

Before You Begin

Log in to your Microsoft account or sign up for a free Microsoft account if you don't have one. This allows you to sign in to the Microsoft 365 Online apps, to access your OneDrive cloud storage, and to access your free email address.

Purchase an Microsoft 365 for Home Subscription

Purchasing a subscription to Microsoft 365 involves choosing the version of Office you want and providing your payment information.

  1. Open a web browser and go to

  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account.

    The Welcome to Office web page used to sign in to a Microsoft account
  3. After you sign in, the Office portal opens where you’ll access the Office Online apps and manage your Office subscription.

  4. Select Buy Microsoft 365.

  5. Select Buy now for the Office subscription you want if you want to pay an annual subscription fee or select Or buy for $9.99 per month if you prefer to pay a monthly subscription fee.

    Do you want to take Microsoft 365 for a test drive before you buy it? Select Try for free and sign up for a 30-day trial of Microsoft 365.

  6. Review the information in the Cart and select Checkout.

    The Microsoft shopping cart showing the purchase of Office 365 Home
  7. Select a payment type. Choose either a credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank account.

  8. Enter the payment details.

  9. Select Save.

  10. Select Place order.

    The Microsoft shopping cart with a completed order for Office 365 Home
  11. Your order processes and you'll receive an email receipt for the transaction.

    Install Microsoft 365 for Home

    After you purchase an Microsoft 365 subscription, install Office on your PC.

    Use the computer where you want to install Office.

  12. Go to the Microsoft 365 portal page and sign in to your Microsoft account.

  13. Select Install Office.

    The Microsoft Office 365 portal page after the purchase of an Office 365 Home subscription
  14. On the Microsoft 365 Home web page, select Install Office.

    The Office 365 Home account page showing the links to install Office 365
  15. On the Download and install Microsoft 365 Home screen, select Install.

    The Download and install Office 365 Home pop-up window
  16. Depending on the web browser you use, a prompt to Run or Save the downloaded file might appear. Select Run.

  17. Office gets things ready and then installs the Office apps.

    The Office 365 installation window
  18. When the installation finishes, Office may prompt you to enter an email or phone number to receive a download link for the Office mobile apps.

Activate Microsoft 365 for Home

After Office installs, activate your subscription.

To activate Office:

  1. Open one of the Office apps such as Word.

    The Windows Start menu with a new installation of Office 365
  2. Enter your Microsoft email address and password.

  3. On the Accept the license agreement screen, select Accept.

    The Office 365 license agreement
  4. The Office app opens, and you’re ready to create Office documents and spreadsheets.

Install Microsoft 365 on Another Device

You can install your Office subscription on as many devices as you want.

You can simultaneously sign in to Office on five devices.

To install Office on another PC, use the computer where you want to install Office and sign in to your Microsoft account. On the Office portal page, choose Install Office.

To install Office on a mobile device, use the smartphone or tablet where you want to install Office. Then, go to either Google Play, the Apple Store, or Windows Store and download the apps.

Share Your Microsoft 365 Home Subscription with Others

If there are members of your household that use Microsoft 365, they don’t have to buy a subscription. You can share your Microsoft 365 Home subscription with five other people.

When you share an Microsoft 365 subscription, each person has access to:

  • Apps: The latest version of the Office apps for PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Cloud storage: 1 TB of storage on OneDrive.
  • Skype calls: Call mobile phones and landlines, limited to 60 minutes per month.
  • Outlook email: 50 GB of email storage.

To share a Microsoft 365 Home subscription:

  1. Sign in with the Microsoft account that you used to set up Microsoft 365.

  2. On the Office portal page, select Install Office.

    The Microsoft Office 365 portal page after the purchase of an Office 365 Home subscription
  3. Select the Sharing tab.

    The Office 365 Home account page showing the Sharing tab to share the subscription with others
  4. Select Start sharing.

    The Office 365 Home Sharing web page
  5. On the Share Office pop up window, choose to either:

    • Invite via email: Sends a link in an email message.
    • Invite via link: Creates a link that you can copy and give to the person in an email, a text message, or another way.
  6. When your family member receives the link, they’ll use the link to install Office on their PC.