How to Install Mobdro on FireStick

Easily sideload this popular streaming app to Fire TV

While you’ll find plenty of stand-alone apps to access major network, cable-based, and paid TV programming, having one app to access them all can be extremely convenient. This is where are an app like Mobdro comes in. Here's how to install Mobdro on Amazon’s Fire TV.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a free open-source platform that captures broadcasts streamed over the internet.

Mobdro for Android

It offers two models: streaming with advertisements enabled and streaming without advertisements. The latter model doesn’t require a paid subscription, but rather uses your idle device’s resources in return for an ad-free experience. That means when you’re not streaming media, Fire TV acts as a server to help distribute streams to other active Mobdro viewers.

To switch between the two modes, navigate to the toolbar at the bottom, select Ads, then enable or disable ads on the following screen.

ADS in bar at bottom of screen

What’s Available on Mobdro?

The app provides 12 categories including popular TV channels, specific shows, themed movie channels, music broadcasts from MTV, VH1 and so on, tech-related streams from NASA, and content that doesn’t fall under one specific category.

For instance, the Channels category provides streams from ABC, The CW, CBS, TBS, USA, SyFy, and many more familiar networks.

Channels category on Mobdro

The Movies category offers channels that stream movies with a specific theme 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These themes include Action, Horror, Romance, Mystery, James Bond, Star Trek, Cult Classic, and so on.

Movies on Mobdro

Under Tech, you’ll find NASA HD, SiliconAngle, Twit Live, Nasa Live, and many more. The Music category includes MTV USA, VH1 USA, MTV Classic UK, MTV Dance, Heart TV, and Skuff TV. The Shows category streams Seinfeld, South Park, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, Adventure Time, and even premium-paid shows like Game of Thrones.

TV shows on Mobdro

Is Mobdro Legal?

That’s a hard question to answer. Media streamed for free on the internet isn’t an issue. Copyrighted content, however, could land you in dire straits. Game of Thrones is a good example, given HBO locks the show behind a subscription paywall.

“Mobdro has no control whatsoever nor may it be held liable for the content or location of the streams, which shall be the sole responsibility of the pages on which they are hosted,” the developer states in its End User License Agreement.

The fact that Mobdro isn’t available on Google Play, Amazon’s App Store, or even Apple’s App Store should be cause for concern. The developer isn’t responsible for what’s streamed to your Fire Stick. It merely provides a vehicle. How users steer that vehicle is their responsibility.

On that note, consider this: If you have a TV subscription, there’s no need to worry. If you subscribe to HBO and/or Starz, or if you're streaming over-the-air broadcasts, there’s no need to worry.

Streaming media not available on your subscriptions, however—including content available outside your territory—is where the legal issues reside. Consider using a VPN to keep your internet activities private.

How to Enable App Side-Loading

First, you need to enable the ability to manually install apps not listed on Amazon’s store. Doing so can be risky, so be careful about the non-Amazon apps you select. Mobdro is safe if you follow this guide.

  1. With the menu's Home option highlighted, use the remote’s navigation ring to highlight Settings.

    Fire TV Settings
  2. The Settings screen immediately appears. Select My Fire TV.

    Select My Fire TV
  3. On the following screen, highlight and select Developer options.

    Select Developer Option on Fire TV
  4. Select Apps from Unknown Sources, then select the Turn On option that appears in a separate pop-up.

    Enable apps from unknown sources

How to Install the Downloader and Mobdro apps

Now you need to install an app that downloads and installs non-Amazon apps. The actual Downloader app we use in this guide appears on Amazon, but the app we want to install–Mobdro–is not. This is why we need to enable apps from "unknown sources."

  1. Search for Downloader using the Fire TV’s search tool on the toolbar, then select the app to open the app listing.

    Search icon
  2. Select Get.

    Get function highlighted
  3. Select Open to open the app.

    Opening Downloader

    You can also find the newly installed app under Recent on the Home screen.

  4. Select Allow to grant Downloader permission to access photos, media, and files on your Fire TV stick.

    Allow highlighted on Downloader permissions screen
  5. On the Home screen, enter and select Go. Select Install when prompted on the screen that pops up.

    Entering URL into search field
  6. The APK file automatically downloads and installs on your Fire TV.

    Downloader gets and installs Mobdro

How to Place Mobdro on the Home Screen

Mobdro doesn’t appear on your home screen. Instead, it’s tucked away under your app library. Follow these steps to find the app.

  1. Hold down the Home button on your remote until the shortcuts screen appears.

    Fire TV Stick Remote
  2. Select Apps, which should be highlighted by default.

    Fire TV Shortcuts Screen
  3. On the following screen, use the remote’s navigation ring to locate and highlight the Mobdro icon.

    Mobdro shown in the Fire TV app library
  4. Press the remote’s hamburger-style Menu button.

    Fire TV Stick Remote with hamburger menu highlighted
  5. A menu appears in the bottom right corner. Select Move to Front

    Moving Mobdro to Home screen on Fire TV
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