How to Install Minecraft Resource Packs

Find and download the best resource packs for Minecraft

Mincecraft game after resource pack was installed

There are thousands of Minecraft resource packs to choose from, bringing almost limitless features, including giving the game's graphics a more realistic look, creating a nature-inspired landscape, or one that will give you a whimsical, medieval style. Here's how to find Minecraft resource packs, and how to install them.

Where to Find Minecraft Resource Packs

Resource packs are made by Minecraft fans who want to share them with other fans who have specific desires and needs.

The oCd resource pack, for example, eliminates Minecraft's harsh colors and noise. If the menu click sound bothers you, there's a resource pack available that removes it. You can also add a resource pack that will give you Michael Scott's voice, and another that plays Queen songs.

You can find resource packs via a quick Google search for your specific request, or from Minecraft fan sites, including MinecraftTexturePacks, and CurseForge. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to add a Minecraft resource pack to your game.

Resource packs were once called texture packs in outdated versions of Minecraft. If you have an older texture pack, you can add it to Minecraft only if the version of the texture pack matches the Minecraft version you are playing.

Which Version of Minecraft are You Playing?

Your resource pack must match the version of Minecraft you're playing. There are two major editions of Minecraft, Java and Bedrock. If you are playing with Java, the words Java Edition will appear on the Minecraft menu screen. If there is no information about the version, then you're playing Bedrock. There are also different versions within each edition.

Screenshot showing how to discover which edition and version of Minecraft you are playing.

Regardless of which Minecraft edition or version you're playing, the process of adding resource packs is the same. The key is to ensure the resource pack matches your Minecraft game.

To switch between Minecraft versions, click New Profile at the bottom left corner of the Minecraft Launcher, select the Minecraft version you want to use from the drop-down menu under the Use version tab, create a profile name, then click Save Profile. This allows you to select this profile anytime you want to play a map that was made in that particular Minecraft version.

How to Add a Resource Pack to Minecraft

Once you've found a resource pack matching the edition and version of the Minecraft game you have, you can add it to your game.

  1. Download the resource pack to your computer.

  2. The resource pack will download to your computer as a ZIP file. Double-click the file to expand its files.

    Screenshot showing unzipped Minecraft resource pack folder.
  3. Within the Minecraft menu screen, go to Options > Resource Packs.

    Screenshot showing Minecraft Resource Packs menu.
  4. Open Resource Packs area.

  5. Drag the expanded file you downloaded from your computer over to the Available Resource Packs file area within Minecraft.

  6. The new resource pack should appear in the menu. Click Open Resource Pack Folder to activate the pack.

    Screenshot showing the new resource pack added to the Available Resource Pack folder within Minecraft.
  7. Your Minecraft screen will now reflect the new resource. In the image below, this is how the game looked before the OcD resource pack.

    Screenshot of Minecraft game showing before resource pack was installed.

    This is how Minecraft looks after the oCd pack is installed.

    Screenshot of Minecraft game showing after resource pack was installed.
  8. If the Resource Pack doesn't appear in the Minecraft menu, simply close the Resource Packs menu and reopen the menu again. This will refresh the Available Resource Packs menu.

The Controversy Over Minecraft X-Ray Resource Packs

Minecraft X-Ray packs are unique, as they're not specifically designed to enhance the visuals or sounds, but instead are used to help players more easily find diamonds and other valuable blocks. X-Ray packs make common blocks like dirt and stone transparent so players can see where the valuables are hiding.

By making blocks see-through, X-Ray packs also make it possible for players to spot monsters and other players. Most Minecraft players believe using X-Ray packs in this way is an unfair strategy. As a result, many servers have banned X-Ray Resource packs in an attempt to level the playing field.

While it's difficult to detect if a player is using X-Ray packs, a server's save logs can tell if a player is using any modifications to track a player's mining patterns. Through these patterns and indicators, players can be identified if they're using X-Ray, which could potentially lead to the player being banned from the game.