How to Install Microsoft Edge for Mac and iOS

Use Microsoft's web browser on your Apple devices

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's official web browser. It's also available on both iOS and macOS devices as an alternative to Safari. That means you can use the Edge browser on any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, or Mac device.

Here's how to set up Microsoft Edge on any Apple iOS or macOS device.

Microsoft Edge for iOS

The easiest way to run the Microsoft browser on your Apple device is to download and install Microsoft Edge for iOS. Here's how.

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device. Select the Search button in the lower right corner, then type “Edge browser" into the search bar at the top of the page,

    Searching for Microsoft Edge in the iOS App Store
  2. Under the entry for Microsoft Edge, select Get, then select Install (or use Touch ID) to approve the download.

    Installing Microsoft Edge from the iOS App Store
  3. Edge will install, and the app will appear on your Home screen.

Once you've installed Edge on your iOS device, you can sign in to any Microsoft account (Hotmail,,, etc.). Your favorites, any passwords stored in Edge, and your reading list will transfer over from that account.

Edge for iOS is a minimal version of the browser. For example, the Edge extensions you use on your Windows PC won't work on your iOS device, and neither will advanced products like augmented reality/WebVR or Cortana.

There are a few notable features in Edge for iOS, however. It has a QR code reader built into it, a feature called Continue on PC that works like Handoff on Mac, as well as dark and light themes that change the interface colors.

If you'd like to import favorites from Chrome or Safari favorites you must do so from the desktop Edge browser on a Windows or Mac computer.

Microsoft Edge for Mac

The Edge browser is now available for Mac devices and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. Here's how.

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Edge website.

  2. Make sure macOS is selected from the Download drop-down menu, then select Download.

    A screenshot of the Edge download screen with the Download button highlighted
  3. Review the terms of service and select Accept and download. Microsoft Edge will download to your Mac.

    A screenshot of the Edge download screen with the Accept and download button highlighted
  4. Open the Downloads folder in Finder and select the Microsoft Edge .pkg item. The Edge installer will launch.

    Microsoft Edge installer
  5. Proceed through the on-screen instructions to install Microsoft Edge.

    You may be asked if you'd like to move the Microsoft Edge installer to the Trash. Unless you'd like to keep the installer for installation on another device. you can select Move to Trash.


    Microsoft Edge installation
  6. Microsoft Edge will launch automatically. Select Get Started.

    A screenshot of the Welcome screen of Edge with the Get Started button highlighted
  7. You can choose whether to import browser data from Chrome or to proceed without importing. Make your choice, then select Confirm.

    If you opt to install data from Chrome, you will be asked to complete a keychain authorization.

  8. You can choose a design layout for the New Tab page. Choose Inspirational, Information, or Focused, depending on your taste, then select Confirm.

    A screenshot of the Edge setup screen with the New Tab options and Confirm button highlighted
  9. You can sign in to your Microsoft account to sync data. Select Sign In to Sync Data to sync your passwords, favorites, and other data from your Microsoft account, or select Continue without Signing-in.

    A screenshot of Edge with the
  10. You are now free to use and explore Microsoft Edge for macOS.

    Microsoft Edge welcome