Insert Graphical Gmail Emoticons in Your Messages

Here's how to add a little personality to your email easily

What to Know

  • When composing a message, select the Insert emoji icon from the formatting toolbar. Choose an emoji to place at the cursor.
  • Use the category tabs to browse different emojis. Gmail remembers the emojis you use, keeping them in an extra tab for quick access.
  • On a mobile device, tap the globe or smiley face icon when composing a message to reveal the emoji menu.

This article describes how to insert graphical emoticons (also known as emojis) in Gmail messages using the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail.

Insert Graphical Gmail Emoticons in Your Messages

To add an emoji in a Gmail message:

  1. Begin composing a new message. Position the text cursor where you want to insert the Gmail emoticon.

  2. Click the Insert emoji button in the formatting toolbar (it has a smiling face).

    Smiley face emoticon in Gmail
  3. Choose the desired emoji to insert it.

    The default tab might be the search tab, so you'll need to select the tab next to it to find the list of all emojis.

    Emotions in Gmail
  4. Use the tabs at the top to browse different Gmail emoji categories.

    Emoji categories in Gmail
  5. Gmail remembers the emojis you use and keeps them in an extra tab for quick access. Also, you can highlight and move or copy graphical smileys just like text.

Graphical emoticons aren't represented by corresponding text smileys (such as :-) ) in the plain text alternative of your message. Gmail inserts the emoji using Unicode encoding, which may not display with email programs that only display ASCII text.

Insert Graphical Gmail Emoticons in Your Emails on Mobile Devices

To add emojis using the mobile web versions of Gmail and the Gmail apps for iOS and Android, use the emoji keyboards available on iOS and Android.

  1. Launch the Gmail app on your mobile phone and create a new message.

  2. Tap the emoji button to bring up the emoji keyboard.

  3. Tap the emojis you want to add to your message. Send as usual.

    Emoji keyboard in Gmail on iPhone
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