How to Insert Comments in Word

Find the option under the Review menu

What to Know

  • Select the text you want to comment on, or position your cursor near the relevant area.
  • Select Review > New Comment > type your comment text in the box.
  • When you’re done, select outside the box. You'll see the comment on the right.

This article explains how to insert comments in Word to suggest edits or revisions to the document without modifying the document’s text. Instructions cover all Word versions from 2010 and up, including Word for Mac and Word Online.

How to Add Comments in Word

Adding a comment to a Word document takes no time at all, allowing you to add multiple comments without hassle.

New comment button in Word 2016
Adding a new comment in Word 2016.
  1. Highlight a portion of text you want to make a comment about. If you don’t want to comment on a specific segment of text, place your cursor near the part of the document mentioned relevant to your comment. Your comment will be created at the cursor’s position.
  2. Select the Review tab in the ribbon interface at the top of the window.
  3. Select New Comment to insert a new comment associated with the selected text or cursor position
  4. Type your comment text in the box. When you’re ready to commit the text, select outside the box. The comment will now be shown on the right side of the document until it's deleted or resolved.

Extra Tips for Comments in Word

  • Comments can be edited like normal text, but fewer formatting options are available. Basic changes, like bold and italicized text, will work, as will font selection.
  • Images can be added to comments, but the space is so small your recipient will likely have trouble viewing them. The width of the markup area cannot be adjusted, so larger images will be cropped on their right side.
  • Once a comment is committed, the text remains highlighted. A dotted line will connect the highlighted text to the comment, which appears with the name of the user that created the comment. If a different user opens the document, the comments will appear in the same way you see them.

Changing Your Name in Comments

Any comments you create will appear with your name as specified in Word. However, you can change the name and initials that appear at the top of your comments from within Word:

  • On Windows, you can change the displayed name at File > Options > General, then scroll to the Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office section.
  • On macOS, you’ll find the same section under Preferences > User Information.

Once you find the aforementioned sections, type in your preferred name and initials. Be sure to tick the box beneath your name to force Word to use this information; this overrides your Office account name and replaces it with the name and initials specified here.

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