How to Insert an Image Inline in Gmail

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You can describe the look on your friend's face as she got your birthday present, but wouldn't it be nice to show a picture, too?

Now that you have the image attached in Gmail, wouldn't it be even nicer to put that picture right in the body of your email alongside the imaginative description?

Insert an Image Inline in Gmail

To add an inline image to an email you are composing in Gmail:

  1. Make sure rich text editing is turned on in the Gmail message you are composing:
    1. Click the More options down-pointing filled triangle in Gmail's composition window.
    2. Make sure Plain text mode is not checked. (If it is, click it in the menu.)
  1. Drag and drop the image from its folder to the desired position in the message.
    • In most browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox), you can also paste the image at the desired location in the email from the clipboard using Control-V (Windows, Linux) or Command-V (Mac).

To use an image you found on the web, or to upload one from your computer if dragging and dropping does not work:

  1. Position the text cursor where you want the image to appear.
  2. Click the Insert Photo icon in the message's formatting toolbar.
  3. Make sure Inline is selected under Insert images.
  4. To upload an image from your computer:
    1. Go to the Upload tab.
    2. Click Choose photos to upload and open the desired graphic.
  5. To use an image located on the web:
    1. Go to the Web Address (URL) tab.
    2. Enter the image's URL under Paste an Image URL here.
    3. Click Insert.

Images you have uploaded from your computer remain available in the Insert Image dialog while you compose the message (but not for other emails).

After insertion, you can resize and move images easily.