How to Insert a Text Box in Google Docs

Customize documents by inserting text boxes to highlight information

What to Know

  • Open document > select Insert > Drawing > New > Text Box.
  • Click within the checkerboard space > in the blue text box, type your text.
  • To remove a text box and its contents, select the text box and press Delete.

This article explains how to highlight or accentuate information in a Google Doc by adding a text box.

How to Add a Text Box in Google Docs

To open and use the Drawing option to insert a text box, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document you want to work in.

  2. Select Insert.

    Insert option in Google Docs
  3. Select Drawing > New.

    Insert menu with Drawing and New options
  4. When the Drawing window opens, select Text Box. That's the little square box with a capital T inside it.

    Drawing menu showing the Text box icon.
  5. Click within the checkerboard space, then, in the blue text box that appears, type your text. You can add as many text boxes as you like, plus select and drag the handles to size the box to your needs. Adjust the text using the menu options for font, size, bold, italics, underline, and color.

    Blue text box in Google Docs where you can type your text

    If you don't see the icons to adjust bold, italics, underline, and color, but see a three vertical dots icon, select that to reveal the others options.

  6. Select Save and Close.

    Drawing menu with Save and Close option

How to Customize the Text Box

You can have fun and customize the text box using the Drawing menu, too. The menu bar offers options such as fill color, border color, text color, border weight or dash. Just make your choices, adjust as you like, and select Save and Close when you're done.

Customization option choices made using the menu.

How to Edit the Text Box

If you want to adjust your text in some way after you see how it looks inside your document, select the text box to display the blue border. That brings up the Edit menu bar immediately beneath the text box.

The Edit menu bar

To edit, use the appropriate menu option for what you want to do. The signature will adjust as you make different choices; you can always select Undo (backwards arrow in the menu bar) if you don't like something you've tried.

You have three choices to make within the Edit menu bar.

  • If you choose Edit, you will return to the Drawing window where you created your text box. This is handy if you want to add more text boxes, rewrite the text, adjust colors, etc.
  • Select one of the three text wrapping icons to place your text box inline, wrap text around it, or place the box on its own line within your document. Each wrapping option has its own list of actions and adjustments that can be made.
  • Select the vertical three dot menu to display a new menu on the right side of the screen. This menu lets you select actions from three specific areas:
    Size & Rotation: Where you can adjust the width and height of the signature or lock its aspect ratio.
  • Text Wrapping: Which can place the signature inline, wrap text around it or place it on its own line.
  • Position: Which lets you fix the location of the signature, move it with the text or select from custom options.

How to Remove a Text Box

Don't like what you've done? Select the text box to reveal the blue-handled box, then tap Delete on your keyboard. If you accidentally delete the text box, just select the Undo icon to get it back.

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