How to Improve Google Home Sound Quality

Make Google Home a better listener and speaker

An image of a Google Home hub and a bluetooth speaker

Fresh out of the box, Google Home devices sound good. But they don't sound amazing. Thankfully, there are many ways you can improve your Google Home sound quality.

The easiest solution is to use the sound equalizer Google has integrated into the Google Home app. In addition to this, you can upgrade the sound tremendously by pairing your favorite bluetooth speaker. If that doesn't improve the sound quality enough, there are other creative options as well.

Tweak Sound with the Google Home Equalizer

If you have either a Google Home hub or a Google Home Mini, you might have noticed that the speakers for all of these devices have very deep bass.

This is an ideal setup for the voice that responds to your queries, but it may not be ideal for music or watching videos.

Because of this, Google introduced a useful Google Home equalizer in the Google Home app that you can use to adjust treble and bass.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone and tap the Google Home device you'd like to adjust.

    Screenshot of the Google Home main screen
  2. At the top of the device display, you'll see three icons. The furthest to the left is the equalizer icon. Tap this icon to open the equalizer control.

    Screenshot of the Google Home device display
  3. In the Equalizer setting screen, you can increase or lower either the bass or treble. If you plan to listen to a lot of music with your Google Home device, the ideal settings include lowering the base to a fourth, and increasing the treble to three-fourths.

    Screenshot of the Google Home equalizer screen
  4. Once you've adjusted the equalizer settings, you'll notice an immediate change in the sound quality on that Google Home device.

Enhance Sound by Pairing a Bluetooth Speaker

If tweaking the sound settings with the equalizer just doesn't cut it, another excellent option is pairing your favorite bluetooth speaker with your Google Home device.

Pairing bluetooth speakers with your Google Home is very easy.

  1. Open your Google Home app, tap the device you want to pair with a bluetooth speaker, and tap the second gear icon to enter the Kitchen display device settings.

    Screenshot of Google Home device settings
  2. Scroll down to the Default music speaker setting and tap on it. This window is where you'll set the default speaker for playing music from your Google Home device.

    Screenshot of the Google Home default speaker setting
  3. Tap the Pair Bluetooth speaker option, and the Google Home device will start scanning for nearby bluetooth speakers and list them on this screen.

    Screenshot of the bluetooth pairing screen on Google Home

    Make sure your bluetooth speaker is turned on and that pairing mode is enabled so that the Google Home device can detect it.

  4. When your bluetooth speaker shows up in the list, tap it and you'll see the speaker's icon turn blue with a checkmark. You may see a pop-up message that the bluetooth speaker has been set as the default speaker.

    Screenshot of the bluetooth speaker paired with the Google Home device
  5. If the bluetooth speaker isn't working right away, got back to the Choose a default speaker menu. You may see that the Google Home device is still enabled as the default speaker for music and video.

    Screenshot of the Google Home default speaker not set to bluetooth
  6. To set the paired bluetooth speaker as the default speaker, tap the speaker in this list. You'll see it turn blue and change to a checkmark.

    Screenshot of the bluetooth speaker set as default
  7. Now, when you go back to the Device settings screen, you'll see the bluetooth speaker set as your default music and video speaker.

    Screenshot of the device settings showing bluetooth speaker as default
  8. If you ever want to set the Google device speaker as the default again, just repeat the step above and select it so that it turns blue with a checkmark icon.

Boost Google Home Sound with Chromecast

There are some very amazing bluetooth speakers on the market. However, the quality of a bluetooth speaker can only go so far.

If you want to take your Google Home sound quality to a whole new level, consider casting music or video to a Chromecast connected to a television with a premium sound system.

If you set your Chromecast connected television as the default TV for your Google Home, sending music or video to it becomes effortless.

  1. Open your Google Home app and tap on the Google Home device you want to cast to your Chromecast television.

    Screenshot of the Google Home device page
  2. Tap the second icon at the top to access the device settings page.

    Screenshot of the Google Home device settings page
  3. To set the Chromecast connected television as default, scroll down the device settings page and tap Default TV.

    Screenshot of the Default TV option on the device settings screen
  4. On the Choose a default TV screen, you'll see the Chromecast-enabled TV on the list of options.

    Screenshot of the Choose a default TV screen
  5. When you tap the Chromecast-enabled TV, the Google Home app will set the device as your Google Home default TV option. You'll see a pop-up message confirming the Chromecast is now enabled as the default TV.

    Screencast of setting the Chromecast TV as the default TV
  6. Tap DONE. Now you can say something like, "Hey Google, play Bruno Mars on TV" and your Google Home will play music on your Chromecast-enabled television. The sound of music or videos coming from your premium entertainment television sound system is a remarkable thing.

Create a Speaker Group

One of the most dramatic ways to improve your Google Home sound quality is by multiplying out the sound to multiple speakers in your home. You can do this by creating a speaker group and casting music or video to multiple speakers in the room or throughout the house.

Here's how you can create a speaker group.

  1. Open the Google Home app and tap on the speaker you want to add to the speaker group. Tap on the gear icon to get to the speaker device settings.

    Screenshot of the Google Device speaker page
  2. In the device settings page, scroll down and tap on Groups.

    Screenshot of Google Home device settings
  3. On the Choose group page, tap Create device group. Type a name for the speaker group and tap DONE. Tap SAVE to create the group.

    Screenshot of creating speaker group in Google Home
  4. Go back to the Google Home main page and tap the next speaker you want to add to the group. Scroll down the device settings page and tap Groups.

    Screenshot of adding new speakers to Google Home speaker group
  5. On the Choose group page, tap the group name that you just created. Once you do, the group name will turn blue and will display a check mark to the left of it. Tap SAVE to finish adding the speaker to the group.

    Screenshot of selecting the Google Home speaker group
  6. Once you've created a speaker group, you can control it in the following ways.

    • Say "Hey Google, play Ariana Grande on <speaker group name>"
    • On the main Google Home screen, tap Play music to lauch music. Tap the group and tap Open Google Play Music to control the music that's playing.
    • Use the music controls on your Google Home or Google Mini to launch and control the music that's playing
  7. A speaker group is an amazing tool for entertaining visitors or playing music throughout the house during the holidays.

No matter what anyone says about Google Home sound quality, there's so much more to owning a Google Home than just the speaker quality. And with all of the ways you can enhance the sound coming from your Google Home, the speaker quality on the Google Home devices doesn't really matter all that much.