How to Hide Your Facebook Friends List

Make your Friends list visible to some friends or just you

Some Facebook users like to show iff their ​Friends list, but many of the social network's users take Facebook security and privacy seriously. They prefer complete control over the information the site shares, with many of them opting to hide their Friends list from the public, from specific friends or from everyone.

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When your Friends list is visible, it's shown as a section on the left of your profile on or directly beneath your main profile details on the app. These sections disappear when you hide it.

It's very easy to change your privacy settings for your Friends list. You just need to know where to look amongst all the other privacy settings that Facebook has in place.

How to Customize Your Privacy Settings for Your Facebook Friends List

This can be done both on the web at or via the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android. Instructions are provided for both, but screenshots are only included for the web version.

  1. On, select the down arrow in the top right of the screen and then select Settings from the dropdown list.

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    On the app, select the menu icon in the top (Android) or bottom (iOS) menu followed by Settings & Privacy and then Settings.

  2. On, select Privacy in the left vertical menu.

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    On the app, scroll down to the Privacy section and tap Privacy Settings.

  3. On, look for Who can see you friends list? in the How People Find and Contact You section and select the Edit link to the right of it.

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    On the app, scroll down to the How People Find and Contact You section and tap Who can see you friends list?

  4. On, select the down arrow to choose your new privacy setting.

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    On the app, tap inside the circle checkbox beside the new privacy setting you want.

    You can choose:

    • Public
    • Friends
    • Friends except... (select friends you don't want to see your Friends list)
    • Specific friends (select just a few friends you do want to see your Friends list)
    • Only me
    • Custom (create a custom list of friends that can view your Friends list)

    If you already have existing custom friends lists created on Facebook, you can select See All on or See More on the app to see your custom friends lists and optionally choose one.

  5. That's it. No need to hit save on anything.

    Want to test how your profile looks now? On, navigate to your profile, select the three dots in the bottom right of your cover photo and select View As. This is currently only available to view your profile as a public user (someone who's not your friend) and only on the web version of Facebook.

What Else You Should Know When You Hide Your Facebook Friends List

Keep in mind that anyone who's able to see your friendships will also be able to see in their News Feeds, in search results and other places on Facebook. This is why it can be so handy to take advantage of the more specific privacy settings like friends except, specific friends custom lists.

If you decide to set your Friends list visibility to just yourself (Only me), both friends and non-friends will still be able to see mutual friends you may have. This will appear as a Friends section on your profile, however only mutual friends will be shown — with the rest of your friends hidden.