How to Hide Specific Facebook Posts From People

Using Facebook's custom privacy options

There are Facebook privacy options that will let you hide links, status updates, photos, and videos from individual people while allowing others to see them. You can change the setting whether you are accessing Facebook via a web browser or on the mobile app.

How to Use the "Friends Except" Setting in Facebook

Every time you share a post on Facebook, you have the option to share it with the public, with only your friends, or with a more narrow group of people. If you don't change the setting every time, it will use default to the most recently used setting.

Facebook does not provide a way for people to know that you have prevented them from seeing a post.

  1. Select the What's on your mind? field to open the Create Post window.

    Create Post window
  2. Select the Privacy drop-down list next to your name and profile image. It will display the most recent option used, such as Public or Friends.

    Privacy setting on Facebook post
  3. In the Select Privacy list, choose Friends Except.

    Friends Except... in Select Privacy window
  4. Select the name of the friend or friends you want to exclude from seeing your post. The name or names will appear in the Friends Who Won't See Your Post box at the bottom of the window.

    To search for someone, begin typing their first or last name into the Search for a friend or list field and select the name when it appears.

    Friends Who Won't See Your Post in Friends Except window
  5. Select Save Changes. You will see that the Privacy setting now says Friends Except.

    Updated post privacy setting
  6. Write your post like you normally would, add a photo, video or any other content and select Post when you're done to make it official.

Alternatively, if you only want to share a post with a handful of friends, select Specific Friends in the Select Privacy list and choose the people you want to view the post. Everyone else will automatically be excluded from seeing it.

Specific Friends in Select Privacy

You may have prevented your mom from seeing what you posted, but don't forget about Aunt Myrtle. She could rat you out for saying something stupid on Facebook. Keeping up with who can see what can be tricky, and one slip up might cost you a friendship or get you knocked off the Christmas card list, or even worse, the Christmas gift list. Be careful out there.