Hiding and Showing Labels in Gmail

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Ezra Bailey / Getty Images

In Gmail, every label has its use and function, but there's no need to see labels you rarely use. Fortunately, hiding labels is a simple matter in Gmail. You can even hide labels provided by Gmail, such as the Spam and All Mail labels.

How to Hide a Label in Gmail

To hide a label in Gmail:

  1. In the left sidebar of Gmail, click the label you want to hide.

  2. Hold the mouse button while dragging the label to the More link beneath the list of visible labels. The list may expand and More turn into Less as you do so.

  3. Release the mouse button to move the label into the More list.

Gmail can also hide labels that do not contain unread messages automatically. To set this, click on the arrow next to a label under Inbox in the sidebar. From the drop-down menu, select Show if unread.

How to Show a Label in Gmail

To make a hidden label visible in Gmail:

  1. In the left sidebar of Gmail, click More below the labels list.

  2. Click the desired label in the expanded More section and hold down the mouse button.

  3. Drag the label up to the list of labels under Inbox.

  4. Let go of the mouse button to release the label.

How to Hide Preset Gmail Labels

You can even hide preset Gmail labels such as Starred, Drafts, and Trash. To hide system labels in Gmail:

  1. In the left sidebar of Gmail, click More under the list of labels in your Gmail Inbox.

  2. Now click Manage labels.

  3. Click hide for any label listed—except Inbox—that you do not want to be visible all the time.