The Proper Way to Deal With Missed Calls

How to return a missed call professionally

There are some missed calls you wish you took

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The way you handle a missed call is essential if you care about your personality, reputation, the cause you are defending, or your business. It has to do with ethics, impressions, courtesy, and also has a lot to do with technology. You probably know what to do with a missed call, but it also pays to know how to do it.

The Intent of The Missed Call

If the call rang only once or twice, it might mean that the caller intended a missed call, which allows you a shortlist of possible reasons. One common reason is prompting for a call like, "Hello, I need to talk to you but don't want to use up my credit, so call me back…"

So, if you have to call back, be mindful of how VoIP can help you save money on calls. You can make cheap and even free calls to all your friends and family.

Choosing Not to Answer

That can be rude. That can break a relationship as well. Whether you don't want to be bothered, or you can't risk paying a fine (in case you are driving), or you honestly can't take the call, it is good to let your caller know that. If you can, send a text message to notify them, or better still, have an auto-respondent.

If you have an Android device or an iPhone, you can use your smartphone's Call settings to set up customized pre-typed and easy-to-send text messages that you can send to respond to missed calls.


Do you want to be a wall against which people's calls just bang and bounce back? To be polite and professional, give your caller a chance to say something. Allow them to leave a voice message. It will make them feel they left a handle for you to take the call later. It also helps you decide how important the call was and what it was all about. Use an autoresponder for this purpose. Cell phone services and VoIP services do have this feature. Call your service provider and inquire. 

The voice message your correspondent leaves can also go to voicemail, which gives you a lot more power to deal with the missed call. 

Visual Voicemail

But the voice box and voicemail are already old-fashioned. You don't want to sit and listen to everything sequentially — you want to be able to choose which one to listen to and treat each one individually. This is possible with visual voicemail.

The chances are good that your smartphone has a visual voicemail feature. Alternatively, check this list of visual voicemail solutions.

Some services also transcript the voicemail message into text and send it to you like a simple text message or as an email message to your inbox. This makes it much easier for you to verify voicemail in all discretion and rapidly.

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