How to Go to Any Date Quickly in Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a free, powerful time-management tool that allows you to keep track of and share your schedule with others. It's an ideal tool for managing both personal and professional schedules.

There may be times when you want to jump to a certain date in your Google Calendar to quickly review a past or future event or appointment. Luckily, Google Calendar makes it easy to go to the day you need to review so you don't have to waste time searching.

Google Calendar used to have a Jump to section under its Labs feature, but this was eliminated after the last big Calendar update in 2017. Now, the process to go directly to a certain date involves enabling keyboard shortcuts to activate the Go to feature.

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How to Go to Any Date in Google Calendar

To go to a certain date in Google Calendar on the desktop, you'll first need to enable keyboard shortcuts to activate the Go to feature, which lets you go to any date.

Going to a specific date is possible only with Google Calendar on the desktop, not its mobile app.

  1. Open Google Calendar on your desktop.

    Screenshot of Google Calendar on the desktop
  2. Select the Settings menu (the gear icon in the upper-right corner) and then select Settings from the drop-down list. This puts you into the Settings options.

    Screenshot of Google Calendar Settings menu
  3. In the General menu on the left, select Keyboard shortcuts.

  4. Select the checkbox to enable Keyboard shortcuts.

    Screenshot of Google Calendar enable Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Exit settings to head back to your calendar.

  6. In Google Calendar, type the letter G to bring up the Go to date box.

    Screenshot of Google Calendar Go to Date function
  7. Type in your desired date and Google Calendar will bring up that date.

    Screenshot of Google Calendar Go to Date
    Screenshot of Google Calendar Go to Date

Go to Any Date Using Year View

Another option is to switch Google Calendar to a yearly overview, allowing you to quickly go to any date.

  1. Open Google Calendar.

  2. On the upper-right side, select your current view. For example, if you're viewing your calendar by week, this will say Week.

    Screenshot of Google Calendar view type
  3. Select Year from the options.

  4. You'll now see your Google Calendar in yearly form, making it easy to select a certain date.

    Google Calendar in Year view
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