How to Get Your Xbox One Online When It Won't Sign In

An offline Xbox One is annoying but there are some things you can try

Microsoft's Xbox One video game console includes a wealth of online functionality. From multiplayer games and cloud saves to streaming video and Twitch broadcasting, the Xbox is fully enmeshed with the internet.

That being said, connectivity is not always perfect. It's not uncommon for users to run into a connection error or a prompt that says "Xbox can't sign in."

What Causes Xbox One Sign-in Errors?

If you can't sign in on an Xbox One or the console keeps logging you out, it is often due to human error or a problem with the Xbox network. This service powers many of the Xbox One's online features, but it can also affect the ability to log in.

How to Fix Xbox One Sign-in Problems

Follow these troubleshooting tips to get your Xbox One back online.

  1. Check if your internet is down. If your Xbox One can't access certain online functions or is having difficulty logging in, the most likely culprit is a bad connection. Check to see if another device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, is also having trouble connecting to the same network as your Xbox. If it is, then you know the problem is not with your Xbox.

    If your Internet is offline, try rebooting your router and modem.

  2. Check if the Xbox network is down. You can check the current status of every aspect of the Xbox network on the official Xbox Status page. If the Xbox network is down, there's nothing you can do but wait for it to go back online, which may take up to a few hours.

  3. Check if the game's servers are down. If you're able to sign in to your Xbox One but unable to start a multiplayer match in a specific video game, it's likely that the game's servers have gone down. This may be due to a network error or routine maintenance.

    Check the status of a game's online servers by checking the official video game's Twitter account. These usually update ASAP to let players know what's going on.

    Most Xbox One video games require an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online multiplayer modes. If you're unable to play games online and you're not an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, this is likely the reason.

  4. Restart your Xbox One console. Press the Xbox logo button on your controller to open the Guide, then scroll right to the Settings tab, highlight Restart console, and press the A button.

    Much like restarting a computer, restarting an Xbox One console can fix a lot of connectivity problems.

  5. Power cycle your Xbox One console. Press the console's power button for at least 10 seconds to turn your Xbox One off, wait another 10 seconds, then press it again to turn it back on.

    You won't lose any data or downloads, but a power cycle refreshes the system and usually fixes any problems you're experiencing.

    Even if the Xbox One turns off, keep pressing the button for the full 10 seconds to make sure it powers down properly. 

  6. Check if the Kinect sensor's main light is on. If the light is off after turning your Xbox One console on, this means that the Kinect has stopped working.

    A faulty Kinect can sometimes be fixed by performing a power cycle and making sure your console is plugged directly into a power socket, rather than a surge protector or power adapter. If your Kinect continually fails to work, you may need to replace it. 

  7. Double-check your email address and password. If your Xbox One has signed you out and you have difficulty logging back in, it's possible that you or someone else changed the Xbox account password. The fastest way to check is to try logging in on the official Xbox website.

    Remember, your Xbox account is the same as your Microsoft, Skype, and Outlook account. If you use one account for all of these services, changing the password on one will change it on all of the others.

  8. Sign in with your Xbox controller. To manually sign in, press the Xbox logo on your controller to open the Guide, then scroll left to the Accounts tab, highlight Sign in, and press the A button. You might simply need to tell the console which account to use, in which case you should see it on the accounts tab. Select it to proceed.

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