How to Get VIP Email Alerts in iOS Mail

Set up special email alerts for certain contacts

VIP notifications are alerts for special recipients. You might want to get email alerts for certain recipients if you don't want notifications for every single email that reaches your iPad or iPhone.

For example, maybe your boss is set up as a VIP sender, and you want to ensure that each email from her makes a special notification on your device so that you don't miss them. This is easy with VIP notifications.

These directions apply to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running at least iOS 6.

How to Set Up VIP Email Alerts

The option to create VIP notifications is in the Settings app.

  1. Add a VIP sender if you don't already have one set up.

    Add to VIP option in iPad Mail app
  2. Open the Settings app from the home screen.

  3. Go to Mail > Notifications > VIP.

    iPad VIP mail notifications screen

    If you don't see these menus, go to Notifications > Mail > VIP.

  4. Pick an alert style for very important emails. Your choices include Lock Screen, Notification Center, and/or Banners.

    To turn off visual notifications for VIP emails, tap each of those options to remove the blue check mark.

    VIP email notifications screen on an iPad
  5. Select Sounds to pick a special sound for VIP emails, or New Mail Sound on older devices.

    Mail sound options for VIP alerts on iPad
  6. Tap < VIP to return to the VIP notification settings, and optionally enable previews from the Show Previews setting. VIP email previews can be enabled always, only when your device is unlocked, or never.

    Show Previews screen in iPad Mail app

Some devices might just have a toggle called Show Preview that you must enable to get previews for VIP emails.

Don't forget to change the Push settings on your device to ensure that new mail comes quickly. The alternative is to have your iPad or iPhone check for new mail less frequently, which might be what you prefer.