How to Get Minecraft Skins

Get new skins on PC, console, and mobile

Minecraft is a massively popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang. Although it first launched on PC in 2011, it still has a large fanbase and it doesn't show signs of slowing down, especially now that it's owned by Microsoft. One of the more popular aspects of the game is skins, which change the appearance of the player's avatar. Here's how to get new skins on all of the game's supported platforms.

How to Get Minecraft Skins on PC, Mac, and Linux

In Minecraft's early days, you had to modify game files to use skins. Now, you need to upload them directly to your Mojang account. They're automatically applied to your avatar whenever you sign in to the game. This is the same account you use to sign in to the Minecraft client.

Add Minecraft Skins

If you haven't migrated your premium account to a Mojang account, you need to do so before you can change your avatar's skin.

  1. Go to the Mojang sign-in page, and log in to your account.

    Sign in to your Mojang account
  2. You're automatically taken to your Minecraft profile. The page has information about your account, including your email and date of birth.

    Minecraft profile

    If you don't immediately arrive on this page, select your email address in the upper right corner of the screen, then select Profile from the dropdown menu to get to your account profile.

  3. On the left side of your profile, select Skin. You can choose between the classic blocky model and a newer slim model for your avatar. Select the one you want to use.

    Select your Minecraft character model
  4. Pick a skin you want to use. There are thousands to choose from online. If you've never looked for one before, check out the Minecraft Skindex or NameMC. Both list popular skins in addition to letting you search through their extensive databases of user uploaded skins. Once you find one you like, download it.

    Download a Minecraft skin
  5. With your chosen Minecraft skin in hand, return to your profile and scroll down to the Upload Custom Skin box to load it onto your profile.

  6. Choose Select a file. A new window opens up. Browse to the location of the skin you just downloaded. Select your file to open it.

    Upload your Minecraft skin
  7. The screen changes to display the skin you just uploaded. If everything looks good, select Upload. The page refreshes, and your new current skin appears at the bottom of the skins page. The skin will be applied whenever you sign in to the game.

    Your Minecraft skin uploaded
  8. Whenever you want to update your Minecraft skin again, follow this same procedure.

    Mojang doesn't save your previous skins, so it's a good idea to store old favorites in a folder on your computer.

How to Get Skins in Minecraft for Android and iOS

The process of applying custom skins is a bit different for mobile Minecraft players. You can apply them directly in the game.

The same skins that work for the desktop edition also work on the mobile app.

  1. Begin by locating a skin you want to use. Try the Minecraft Skindex or NameMC, as both are very mobile friendly. When you find the skin you want, download it directly to your mobile device.

  2. With your new skin in hand, launch the Minecraft app on your device. When you arrive on the home screen, you can see the model of your character to the right of the main menu. Tap the coat hanger below the character to open the skin menu.

    Minecraft mobile main menu
  3. The Minecraft skin menu is divided into a series of boxes. Most of the screen area is dedicated to selling you new skins. In the upper left, you can see the default skins. Tap the gray figure in that box.

    Minecraft Mobile skin menu
  4. The screen shifts to display the gray figure as your current character. Select Choose New Skin directly above it.

    Choose a new Minecraft skin on mobile
  5. Your device's file manager should open, and you can browse to the location where you downloaded your new skin. Find and select the skin, then choose whichever model you like.

    Choose Minecraft model on mobile
  6. You'll return to the skin menu. Now, your selected character model is the skin you just uploaded. Tap Confirm to apply the change permanently.

    Confirm your new Minecraft skin on mobile
  7. You'll be taken back to the main menu. You should now see your new character avatar standing next to the menu.

    Minecraft menu with skin
  8. Follow the same process every time you want to change your skin. You can change it as often as you like.

How to Get Minecraft Skins on Consoles

The only way to get new skins on game consoles is via downloadable content (DLC) from the Marketplace. Here's how to find it:

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Marketplace from the list of options at the main menu.

    You can buy Minecraft skins directly within the game
  2. Select Skin Packs.

  3. From here, you can browse and purchase all of the skin packs available from both Mojang and independent creators.

    The Minecraft Marketplace has skin packs from Mojang and indie creators

    Minecraft also has several default skins that come with the game for free.

  4. Alternatively, you can find purchasable skins through your profile. Select Profile while on the main menu screen, then select Edit Character.

    You can also buy Minecraft skins by going to your character profile
  5. Tab over to the Skins window and you can see a list of skins you own and a list of skins available to buy. Pick what you want from the list and follow the on-screen directions to purchase it.

    You can view all of the skins in Minecraft from the Edit Character window
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