How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Log stakes are craftable, so you won't have to search for them

Log stakes are an incredibly common item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you won't find log stakes laying around your island. Luckily, this doesn't mean you have to go off searching for them, hoping villagers might just happen to gift you with with some stakes, because log stakes are craftable.

In fact, you'll get the DIY recipe for log stakes automatically, so by the time you're ready to construct the first bridge on your island, a project that will require log stakes, all you'll need to do is craft your log stakes at a workbench or inside Resident Services.

How to Make Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

To craft log stakes, you'll need three pieces of normal wood. You'll likely already have some wood in your inventory, but if you've run out, simply whack a tree a few times with a flimsy axe, and you'll be ready to start crafting.

  1. After you've collected at least three normal wood, head to a workbench. If you haven't haven't set one up at home, you can use the bench at Resident Services.

  2. In the workbench crafting menu, navigate to the Housewares tab, and select Log stakes.

  3. Log stakes require three wood to craft, and if you have the wood, simply press the Craft it! button as many times as you need to craft as many log stakes as necessary.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizon log stakes

How to Use Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Once you've mastered the art of acquiring log stakes, what can you do with them? Not much, but what you use them for primarily is important: constructing your first bridge.

  • Constructing a Bridge With Log Stakes: As you progress in game, eventually Tom Nook will call you to talk about building three more houses on your island. To access the rest of your island where there's space to build new houses, you'll need to build your first bridge. Tom will give you a Bridge Construction Kit to do this, which will require four log stakes, four clay, and four stone.
  • Building More Bridges in the Future: After you complete your Bridge Construction Kit and do a few projects for Tom Nook, eventually your Resident Services tent will be renovated and turn into a Resident Services building. At this point, you can talking to Tom Nook about building infrastructure, like bridges, on your island. More bridges beyond your first bridge won't involve crafting and simply cost bells.
  • Decorating Your Island with Log Stakes: Beyond your bridge construction, the other main use for log stakes is decoration. Once crafted, you can place them around your island. Once you unlock the ability to customize DIY items, log stakes can be customized to come in different varieties beyond the default Dark Wood look, like Orange Wood, White Wood, and White Birch.
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