How to Get Fortnite on iPhone

It's no longer available, but if you bought it in the past you're in luck

What to Know

  • To redownload Fortnite on iOS, open the App Store, tap your Account icon > Purchased and select Fortnite.
  • To download Fortnite using Family Sharing, go to Settings > Apple ID > Family Sharing and turn on purchase sharing.
  • Sign up for Nvidia GeForce Now and play Fortnite through the Safari web browser.

Fortnite is no longer available in the iOS App Store. In this article, we’ll show you alternate ways to play Fortnite on your iPhone and what to look out for in the process.

How Do I Download Fortnite on My iPhone?

If you’re trying to download Fortnite on your iPhone for the first time, then we have bad news for you. The popular battle royale game is no longer available on the iOS App Store. As such, there’s no way to download it for the first time. If you’ve downloaded it on your iPhone, though, you can grab it from the My Purchases tab to re-download it.

  1. First, open the App Store on your iPhone.

  2. Tap on your Account icon at the top of the screen.

  3. Select Purchased.

  4. Find Fortnite in the list of apps. You can also filter via Not on this iPhone option to make it easier to find apps you haven’t installed yet.

    Account icon, Purchased, and Not on this iPhone in iPhone App Store

How Do You Get Fortnite on iOS After the Ban of 2020?

If you weren’t lucky enough to download Fortnite before Apple banned it in 2020, then you can try getting access via Apple’s Family Sharing feature. You’ll need to enable this feature on the phone with access to Fortnite and on the phone that you want to download it on.

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone with Fortnite.

  2. Tap your Apple ID.

  3. Tap Family Sharing and add the Apple ID of the other device to your family.

    Apple ID, Family Sharing, and Set Up Your Family in iPhone Settings

Once Family Sharing has been set up, and the second iPhone has been added to the family, you’ll be able to redownload Fortnite on that new device, too.

Get Fortnite Through Nvidia GeForce Now

Of course, this option requires that you have another iPhone with access to the Fortnite app already. If you don’t, you can always play the battle royale using Nvidia’s GeForce Now program.

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that offers free and paid tiers. When subscribed, you’ll be able to play the latest version of Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad through the Safari browser.

To get started, head to the Nvidia GeForce Now website and choose a subscription option. We recommend trying out the free version first to ensure that your internet will allow you to play smoothly. Once signed up, all you need to do is find Fortnite on the service and then launch it to get started. You’ll have to sign in to your Epic Games account, but then you should be able to jump in and start fighting for your next Victory Royale.

  • Why does Fortnite keep crashing on my iPhone?

    Apps crash due to bugs and software conflicts. When an iPhone app keeps crashing, update or reinstall it, then update and restart your phone.

  • How do I delete my Fortnite account on an iPhone?

    You can delete your Fortnite account by going to the Epic Games website in the Safari browser. (Deleting the Fortnite app will not delete your Fortnite account.)

  • How much storage does Fortnite take up on an iPhone?

    The Fortnite mobile app takes up about 3GB of space on your iPhone. If you don't have room, free up space on your iPhone.

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