How to Get Followers on Twitter

Become the person with the most Twitter followers

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Twitter is a social media giant known for helping businesses and personal brands gain the necessary exposure for success. Do you want your voice to be heard above the competition? Want to share your opinions with the rest of the world? Gaining Twitter followers, although a process, can be accomplished through following a few simple tips and tricks. Let's jump right in.

Get More Twitter Followers by Simply Posting More Tweets

The first method to gaining more Twitter followers is by simply posting more. Experts say the optimum number of posts range from three to seven posts per day, but some businesses post upwards of twenty tweets per day, depending on their strategy.

Each time you post a new tweet, you have another chance to reach more followers. But, how do you post more often when you're out of ideas? Start by creating a simple editorial calendar and spend a few hours each week brainstorming content.

How to Create a Simple Twitter Calendar

  1. To create your editorial calendar, you can start with an empty Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheet, or another spreadsheet tool you prefer to use.

  2. In your blank spreadsheet, list the days of the week you plan to post, with the correct date to keep you on track.

    Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet on Desktop

    Remember to leave enough columns or spaces for the amount of tweets you plan to post each day.

  3. On each day, jot down either an idea for a tweet or the exact tweet you plan to post. By taking time to plan ahead, you won't be tempted to simply skip a post or a day due to being out of ideas.

    Want to take your editorial calendar to the next level? Add columns for tracking the number of engagements you receive on each post to show which tweets are gathering the most.

  4. That's it!

Time & Schedule Your Tweets for Maximum Exposure

There's no use in tweeting at 2 a.m. when your target audience is asleep. To gain the most exposure possible on your tweets, it's best to schedule them to post at the perfect time. Experts say the best time to post on social media is throughout the week in early and late afternoon.

There are multiple ways you can schedule tweets using free services such as Buffer and other services such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. These services allow you to schedule your tweets as far in advance as needed and during the times that matter the most.

Get Visual with Your Tweets

A whopping 65% of people are visual learners, meaning visual content often garners more views, engagements, likes, and followers than simple text content. With services like Canva, creating quick visuals to go with your tweets is simple.

How to Create a Simple Social Media Visual Using Canva

  1. Get started by logging into your Canva account.

  2. Using the search bar, type in Twitter. You'll find that Canva offers a pre-made Twitter post template. Select the template.

  3. Using this template, you can add a background, images, text, and more to the canvas.

    Screenshot of Twitter post on Canva on desktop
  4. Once you have your image the way you want it, select the Download icon in the top right of the screen. Select your format, then select Download.

Make Your Twitter Hashtags a Priority

A Twitter hashtag is a symbol used to identify keywords or phrases written about a specific topic. For example, some businesses use a specific hashtag for all of their posts to help curate their content. Others use hashtags as marketing tools by making their tweets show up under keywords or key phrases they wish to target.

Often, Twitter users will search by hashtag to find topics relevant to their interests.

How do you choose the perfect hashtags for your brand? There are a few simple steps you can take.

To keep track of your new hashtags, add a sheet or page to your Twitter calendar spreadsheet.

  1. First, take a look at your competition. What hashtags are they using that are relevant for your brand? Make a list of the hashtags you think might work for you.

  2. Next, check the hashtags other individuals, such as influencers, are using to market their services or brand.

    You can also use hashtag tools such as All Hashtag to research hashtags for your business or brand. They also offer a hashtag generator if you run out of ideas.

  3. Finally, take a look at your most successful tweets. What hashtags did you use that you can use again?

Remember to Engage, Engage, Engage

New followers won't follow a dormant page. That's why it's important to engage with your followers as much as possible. This includes a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Retweeting other posts from your followers
  • Responding to tweets that mention your name
  • Liking other tweets posted by your followers
  • Sharing content from your favorite online content sources with their name mentioned

As you engage with your followers, more followers will begin doing the same with you, sharing your content for more followers across the platform to see. As your content reaches farther on Twitter, you'll gain more followers.

Post Your Twitter on Your Other Social Media Channels

If you use Twitter, chances are you have other social media channels you can use to boost your Twitter profile's reach. Simply showcase your Twitter handle on your other social media profiles such as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp

Share your profile by posting a specific post on these channels periodically as a reminder. You should also post your Twitter handle on your website or blog if applicable.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile should be optimized to help potential followers find you easier on the platform. Plus, it's a great way to showcase your interests, knowledge in certain areas, your services, brand voice, etc. To best optimize your profile, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

  1. To get started, fill your Twitter bio with relevant information, keywords and hashtags.

    The hashtags you use in your bio will be clickable. Make sure they're extremely relevant so they don't take away from what your page is offering.

  2. Next, make sure your profile photo is a clear photo of you. If you're a business, you can use your logo. Also change your header image to match your profile or your business.

  3. Make sure your information is filled out in the sidebar, including your location and website link, if applicable.

  4. Change your theme color to match the rest of your content. This helps create a cohesive profile look that's pleasing to new followers.

Twitter is an amazing social media profile that's fast-paced and ripe with opportunity. Even though growing your social media takes some time in order to gain high-quality followers, following these simple tips can help you get the ball rolling.