How to Get Followers on Twitter

Become the person with the most Twitter followers

Twitter is a social media platform known for helping businesses and personal brands gain exposure. Do you want your voice to be heard above the competition? Want to share your opinions with the rest of the world? Gaining Twitter followers is a long process. Simplify this process by following a few simple tips and tricks.

Get More Twitter Followers by Simply Posting More Tweets

The first method to gain more Twitter followers is to post more. Experts say the optimum number of posts range from three to seven posts per day. Still, some businesses post upwards of 20 tweets per day, depending on their strategy.

Each time you post a new tweet, you have another chance to reach more followers. But, how do you post more often when you're out of ideas? Start by creating a simple editorial calendar and spend a few hours each week brainstorming content.

To create a simple Twitter editorial calendar:

  1. Open Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet app.

  2. Create an empty spreadsheet.

  3. List the days of the week you plan to post, along with the dates.

  4. Insert a row for each tweet you plan to post for each day.

    Excel spreadsheet on Desktop
  5. For each day, enter an idea for a tweet or the tweet you plan to post. When you plan ahead, you avoid skipping a post or a day because you're out of ideas.

    To take your editorial calendar to the next level, add a column to track the number of engagements you receive on each post. Then, create a chart that shows which tweets gather the most engagement.

  6. Follow your Twitter posting schedule and revise your editorial calendar if needed.

Time and Schedule Your Tweets for Maximum Exposure

To gain the most exposure possible for your tweets, schedule tweets to post at the perfect time. Experts say the best time to post on social media is throughout the week in the early and late afternoon.

There are multiple ways to schedule tweets using free services such as Buffer and other services such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. These services schedule tweets as far in advance as you need and during the times that matter the most.

Get Visual with Your Tweets

About 65 percent of people are visual learners, meaning visual content receives more views, engagements, likes, and followers than simple text content. With services like Canva, creating quick visuals to go with your tweets is simple.

To create a simple social media visual using Canva:

  1. Log in to your Canva account.

  2. Go to the search bar, then enter Twitter.

  3. In the list of pre-made Twitter post templates, select a template.

  4. Add a background, images, text, and more to the canvas.

    A Twitter post on Canva on desktop
  5. Once the image is the way you want, go to the top menu bar and select the Download icon.

  6. Select a file format, then select Download.

Make Your Twitter Hashtags a Priority

A Twitter hashtag is a symbol that identifies keywords or phrases written about a topic. For example, businesses use a specific hashtag for their posts to curate their content. Others use hashtags as marketing tools by making their tweets show up under the keywords or key phrases they target. Twitter users search by hashtag to find topics relevant to their interests.

To keep track of your hashtags, add a sheet or page to your Twitter calendar spreadsheet.

Here's how to choose the perfect hashtags for your brand:

  • Look at your competition: What hashtags do they use that are relevant for your brand? Make a list of hashtags that work for you.
  • Research hashtags: Check the hashtags used by other individuals, such as influencers, to market their services and brands.
  • Review your tweets: Look at your most successful tweets. What hashtags did you use in those tweets that you can use again?

Use a hashtag tool such as All Hashtag to research hashtags for your business or brand. Experiment with the hashtag generator to come up with ideas.

Remember to Engage, Engage, Engage

Followers don't follow dormant pages. That's why it's important to engage with your followers as much as possible. This includes:

  • Retweet posts from your followers.
  • Respond to tweets that mention your name.
  • Like tweets posted by your followers.
  • Share content from your favorite online content sources with their name mentioned.

As you engage with your followers, more followers begin sharing your content for more followers across the platform to see. As your content reaches farther on Twitter, you gain more followers.

Post Your Twitter on Your Other Social Media Channels

Use your social media channels to boost your Twitter profile's reach. Showcase your Twitter handle on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Share your Twitter profile by posting it in posts on other social media channels. Also, post your Twitter handle on your website or blog.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Optimize your Twitter profile to help potential followers find you easier on the platform. Plus, it's a great way to showcase your interests, knowledge in certain areas, services, and brand voice.

To optimize your profile:

  1. Fill your Twitter bio with relevant information, keywords, and hashtags.

    The hashtags in your bio are clickable. Choose relevant hashtags that don't take away from what your page offers.

  2. Add a clear profile photo of you. If you're a business, add your logo.

  3. Change the header image to match your profile or your business.

  4. Add your location and website link.

  5. Change the theme color to match your content. This creates a cohesive profile look.

Twitter is an amazing social media platform that's fast-paced and ripe with opportunity. It takes time to grow a social media account and gain high-quality followers. Follow these simple tips to get the ball rolling.

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