How to Check Your Gmail Statistics

See how many conversations are in your Gmail account right now

A bar graph illustrates descriptive statistics. Find out how they differ from inferential statistics.

Erik Dreyer / Getty Images

Google knows a lot about you, and that includes what's going on in your Gmail account. You can see how many conversations are currently stored in your account as well as how many emails are in your Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders, plus the number of chats you currently have open.

How to Find Your Gmail Statistics

  1. Open Gmail and, in the top-right portion of the screen, select your profile picture (or letter) > Google Account.

    Gmail with menu options displayed
  2. UnderĀ Privacy & personalization, select Manage your data & personalization.

    Google Account main menu
  3. Under Things you create and do, select Go to Google Dashboard.

    Google with Data & Personalization menu displayed
  4. Under Popular Google services, select Gmail.

    Google account with dashboard displayed
  5. When you're finished viewing your statistics, you can return to Gmail by clicking GO TO GMAIL or simply log out.

How to Get More Gmail Statistics

The results you find using the above steps will show you just a handful of stats about your Gmail account. Google formerly allowed users to see information like how many emails you send every month and who you send the most emails to, but this option is no longer available.

However, there are other services that allow you to see more detailed statistics about your Gmail usage than Gmail itself currently provides. These services include Email Meter, which is less robust but free, and Email Analytics, which gives you more detailed information but is a paid service. These tools can help you gain greater productivity insights.