Check Your Gmail Statistics

See how many conversations are in your Gmail account right now

Google knows a lot about you based on your habits when using Google services. This information is kept in your Google account and depending on what you've given Google access to, it might log activity on your location history, searches, Google Drive file count, and more.

Another area Google keeps tabs on is your Gmail account. You can see how many conversations are currently stored in your account as well as how many emails are in your Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and Trash folder, plus the number of chats you currently have open.

How to Find Your Gmail Statistics

  1. Within Gmail, click your profile picture at the top right.

    Gmail with the account image highlighted
  2. Choose the Google Account button from that menu.

    Gmail with the Google Account button highlighted
  3. Go to Manage your data & personalization from the new window that opened.

    Google Account page with the Manage your data & personalization link highlighted
  4. Scroll all the way down the page and click the GO TO GOOGLE DASHBOARD link that's located there. Enter your Gmail password if you have to.

    Google Account with the
  5. Find and open the Gmail section from the list of Google services.

    Google Dashboard with the Gmail heading highlighted
  6. The menu that opens shows some information about your Gmail account, including how many active chats you have and the number of conversations in your inbox.

    Google Services with the Gmail information highlighted

Google Used to Offer More Statistics

The results you find using the above steps will show you just a handful of stats about your Gmail account, but that's not how it has always been.

Google used to keep information on other things, too, like how many emails you send every month and who you send the most emails to. You could even see this information for prior months, too.

Unfortunately, Google no longer aggregates that data on your Gmail habits. Or, if they do, it's not an option to browse through it.