How to Get Certain Email Statistics in Gmail

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You never know of what use statistics might be. Arlene Weissman

Which weekday is the strongest for email? Monday, when people reply to what has accumulated over the past week? Or Friday, perhaps, when stores' newsletters and deals arrive? Or does most mail make it to your inbox on Sunday as you converse with and update friends with stories and photos?

How many emails do you send every month? To whom do you send them?

If you don't know, Google Gmail may—if you let the aggregate data in monthly reports.

You can take a look at these reports and learn a bit about the emails you send and receive and who you mail most often.

Get Certain Email Statistics in Gmail

To get a monthly summary of your email activities in Gmail:

  1. Make sure Google activity reports have been enabled for the account. (See below.)
  2. Click your account name or photo in Gmail.
  3. Select My Account from the menu that shows.
  4. Now open Personal info & privacy >.
  5. Select Google Dashboard under Review activity.
  6. If prompted:
    1. Type your Gmail (and Google) account password under Password.
    2. Click Sign in.
  7. ​Expand the Gmail section.
  8. Find the number of messages you have sent in the report month under Sent Mail.
  9. See the number of messages you have received under Inbox.
    • Again, position the mouse cursor over a bar in the chart to find out how many messages were received on certain days.
  1. Find the contacts you emails most often in the report's month under Most contacted.
    • Rest the pointer over an address to see how many emails you sent to specific addresses.
  2. To pick the report for a previous month:
    • Select the desired date period from the report menu at the top.