How to Get an Apple Student Discount

Take advantage of Apple student deals on MacBooks and more

Apple has a reputation for making devices like laptops and tablets that are built to last. However, that durability comes at a steep price. If you're a student, save money on products like MacBooks and iPads with an Apple student discount through UNiDAYS, or take advantage of Apple education pricing directly through the company.

Apple Education Pricing and Student Discounts are available to college students, educators, and homeschool teachers.

A student accesses the Apple student discount on a phone.
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Who Is Eligible for Apple Education Pricing?

Unlike most student discounts, Apple's education pricing is available to a range of students and educators across all grade levels. To qualify for Apple education pricing, you need to meet at least one of these requirements:

  • Currently enrolled at a college or university.
  • Newly accepted to a college or university.
  • A teacher at any grade level.
  • A homeschool teacher at any grade level.
  • Faculty or staff at a school of any grade level.

What Does Apple Education Pricing Get You?

Education pricing provides a small discount on most Apple products. Save on the Apple MacBook, iMac, and iPad lines, as well as some accessories and monitors. In some cases, you can get more substantial student discounts for Apple Music and other specific products.

The Apple education pricing site shows the price you'll pay with the education discount, but it doesn't show the original price. To see how much you'll save on any given product, view that product in the Apple education store, check the same product in the regular Apple store, and then compare prices.

How to Get a Student Discount on Apple Products

Saving money through the Apple Education Store is a simple matter of shopping through the education store website instead of the regular online Apple store using your regular Apple account.

Here's how to use Apple's education pricing:

  1. Navigate to the Apple Education Store.

    Apple education store


  2. If the site prompts you to do so, verify your status through Unidays. Click Get Verified with Unidays and either sign in or create an account, after which you'll return to this page.

  3. Select the product line you're interested in.

    Products in the Apple Education Store
  4. Choose the product you want, then choose Select.

    Choose a product in the Apple Education Store
  5. Choose the options you want, then select Add to Bag.

    The "Add to Bag" button
  6. Select Review Bag.

    Review your shopping bag in the Apple Education Store
  7. Select Check Out.

    Checking out of the Apple Education Store
  8. Choose your delivery method, enter your payment information, and complete the checkout process normally.

Getting the Apple Student Discount Through Unidays

To qualify for Apple student discounts on Unidays, you must meet a few basic requirements and prove your eligibility. You must be:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Currently enrolled at a college or university.
  • Able to access either a .edu email issued by your school or a credit card-style student ID from your school.

Unidays doesn't allow parents to sign up for their children. Students must sign up on their own, and they must meet the age and enrollment requirements.

What Does the Unidays Apple Student Discount Get You?

Apple student discounts on Unidays vary based on the current offers. Coupon codes typically provide a flat discount on specific products, such as $200 off MacBooks, or share promotions that are on the Apple website.

The availability and type of Apple student discounts found on Unidays vary, so you should check frequently to keep up on the latest offers.

How Does Unidays Verify Student Enrollment?

Unlike the Apple Education Store, which doesn't immediately verify your qualifying status, Unidays verifies your educational status upfront. You'll need to provide proof of enrollment before gaining access to discount offers.

Unidays can automatically verify student enrollment at most four-year universities and colleges. Manual verification is available for many schools that aren't in the system.

Other companies, including Dell, use Unidays to offer discounts. After you sign up and verify your enrollment, take advantage of Unidays student discount codes for hundreds of companies.

How to Sign up for Unidays and Find Apple Discounts

Here's how to sign up and get verified as a student on the Unidays website to take advantage of Apple discounts. Set up your account on a Mac, PC, or portable device, such as a smartphone.

  1. Navigate to the Unidays website and select Menu (the three vertical lines) in the upper-left corner.

    The menu button on UniDays
  2. Select Join now.

    The "Join now" button
  3. Enter your email address, select a password, then select Join now.

    UNiDAYS sign-up process
  4. Enter your school information and select Continue.

    Unidays sign up process entering your school name
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the verification process. If you can't verify automatically or if your school isn't listed, contact Unidays for manual verification instructions.

How to Use Your Apple Student Discount Through Unidays

To get an Apple student discount through Unidays, take a look at Apple's current offers. If you find one you want to use, Unidays either generates a coupon code for you to use on the Apple website, or the site gives you an activation link that automatically applies the promotion and takes you to the Apple website.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Navigate to the Unidays Apple portal and browse the available offers.

    Go to the Apple portal on UNiDAYS
  2. Select Get Now on the offer you want.

  3. Select Redeem Code if there's a coupon code, or select Activate Promotion, which takes you to the Apple website with the discount automatically applied.

    Select Activate Promotion to apply the discount on the Apple Store

    The type of discount offer varies. Sometimes coupon codes are available, and other times you're given the option to apply a discount.

  4. If there is a code to redeem, copy it, then select Launch Website. Apply the discount code during your regular checkout process on the Apple website.

  • Are there limits on Apple education discounts?

    The Apple Education Store limits customers to one product per category in a year. You can buy one iPad, not two, at the education rate. However, you can buy an iPad, Mac, iPod, or any other combination of devices, as long as they are in different product categories.

  • What is the Apple employee discount?

    Apple employees can purchase most Apple software at a 50 percent discount. They also get a one-time, annual 25 percent discount for items in each product category. You can also take advantage of a 15 percent family and friends discount (with limitations) after using the 25 percent discount.

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