How to Get an Event Countdown Timer in Google Calendar

10 minutes can be spent in so many wonderful ways: reflect, clean, read, learn, sing, photograph, chat, begin,... but first, we need to be aware it is 10 minutes we have, or 20, or 3 hours.

A glance at Google Calendar reveals the distance between the red line and the next event instantly — and in digits, fen, inches, kanejaku or millimeters. So, how many minutes are an inch?

Let Google Calendar translate.

The countdown timer can show you the minutes, hours or days to your next meeting or event in an easy to see, easy to grasp fashion.

Get an Event Countdown Timer in Google Calendar

To have Google Calendar countdown to your next appointment:

  • Make sure Next meeting is enabled (see below).
  • Make sure the right navigation pane is visible: click the leftward arrow at the rightmost edge of Google Calendar if you cannot see it.
  • Make sure the Next event box is expanded: click the Next event header if it is collapsed.

Note that Google Calendar only counts down to events not farther than two weeks in the future.

Enable "Next meeting" in Google Calendar

To add Next event to your Google Calendar:

  • Follow the Settings link in Google Calendar.
  • Go to the Labs tab.
  • Make sure Enable is selected for Next meeting.
  • Click Save.