How to Get More Storage for Your Gmail Account

Find out what is — and isn't — taking up your Google storage space

How to get more storage in Gmail.
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As of 2019, every Google user receives 15GB of free online storage for use with Google Drive and Google Photos, but your Gmail account is tied in there, too. If you have a hard time deleting messages or frequently receive huge mail attachments, you could easily approach that 15GB limit. When this happens to you, Google is more than willing to sell you additional storage space on its servers. 

How to Buy More Storage for Your Gmail Account

To see how much Google storage you have left or to buy more storage, go to the Drive Storage screen of your Google account. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Google account.

  2. Select your image in the top right corner of the Google screen.

    Google account with the profile image highlighted
  3. Press Google Account.

    Google profile with the
  4. Under Account storage, you'll see how much of your storage you've used and how much is allotted to your account.

    Google Account page with the account storage usage highlighted
  5. Select Manage storage.

    Google Account page with the Manage Storage button highlighted
  6. You'll see a breakdown of how you're using your storage by type.

    Google current storage
  7. If you're willing to simply buy more storage, scroll down to see available storage options.

    Select the storage plan you want to buy, or More options if you'd like to see more. From there, follow the purchase instructions.

    Google storage upgrade screen with the More options button highlighted
  8. If you don't want to buy more storage and would like to see some ways to free up your existing storage, select Learn how to manage storage on the Current Storage screen.

    Google Account's Current Storage screen with the
  9. Explore all the options presented for clearing out your existing storage.

    Google suggestions for freeing up Drive spage

Other Solutions

Beyond clearing out existing storage, you have a few other ways to garner more storage.

  • If you don't care much about having all your mail in one place, you can forward it to a different email service. When you do, be sure to choose an option that deletes the copy from your Gmail account.
  • Sign up for another Gmail account with 15GB storage and forward recent messages there. Then use your current address with the new account.
  • Download your mail to a desktop email program and remove it from the Gmail account. The messages remain, but instead of being online and taking up online storage space, you save them to your hard drive or an external hard drive, which probably has far more than 15GB free space available.