How to Get Additional Storage for Your Gmail Account

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Every Google user gets 15 GB of free online storage that can be used for things like Google Photos and Google Drive, but your Gmail account is tied in there too. If you have a hard time deleting messages, you might very easily approach that limitation and need to buy more storage.

However, before you buy more storage for your emails, photos and documents, consider some alternatives that could save you space at no cost.

Before You Buy More Storage

Stop and think for a few moments before you commit to upgrading your Google account to support more messages and other files. It's important to remember that the storage plan is shared with two other Google products.

There are also some other things you can do with your emails if you are approaching the limit set by your Google account.

Clean up Photos and Other Documents

If you remove unnecessary images from Google Photos or Google Drive, you can reduce the storage load in those areas to have more room for Gmail messages. Of course the same is true in reverse; you can delete unnecessary email messages to provide more room for photos and documents you store with Google.

If you need more space right away, try getting rid of messages with large attachments. You can either see all emails that contain attachments in Gmail or download all your mail to a desktop email program and sort them by size there.

Another thing you can do is remove old messages that you don't even look at anymore. This is possible through the "before" search option.

Download Your Messages Elsewhere

If you need more space for your mail but you don't care so much about having it all in one place, you might consider importing or forwarding your mail into a different email service.

Of course, there's also the option of sticking with Google; you can get another Gmail account and forward messages there and then use your current address with the new account.

Another option is to download your mail to a desktop email program and remove it from the Gmail account. The messages still remain but instead of being online and taking up online storage space, you can save all of them to your hard drive or external hard drive, which probably has way more than 15 GB of free space.

How to Buy More Storage for Your Gmail Account

The easiest way to see how much Google storage you have left or to buy more is to go directly to the Drive storage page of your Google account:

  1. Open the Drive storage page.
  2. On the left is how much storage space you have left and how much your whole account is allotted. For example, it might say you are using 13 GB and you have a total of 15 GB.
  3. To the right, in the Plans section, are the options you have for expanding your Gmail storage (which of course applies to other Google services too, like mentioned above).
  4. Click the blue button for the plan you want to upgrade to or choose the pay-by-year link below the button to save some money by paying the whole year up front.
  1. You can pay for more Google storage in a number of ways, like with PayPal, your Google Wallet balance, a redeem code or a credit/debit card.
  2. Hit Subscribe to confirm the payment.
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