How to Get a Tidal Student Discount

Stream all the music you want at a reduced price

What to Know

  • Go to Tidal and create an account. Select Student as the account type and enter payment information.
  • Go to the Tidal student discount page and select your school. Fill in the required information.
  • Upload a document verifying your first and last name, school name, and a date within the last four months.

This article explains how to get Tidal for Students and listen to unlimited music for much less than the cost of Tidal Premium.

How to Sign up for the Tidal Student Discount

If you qualify for a student discount, you can sign up for the discount in a similar manner as a traditional membership to the music streaming service.

Most other streaming music services offer student discounts as well, like Spotify and Apple Music, but Tidal offers something the others don't: HiFi and Master quality sound from an online streaming service.

  1. Visit and enter an email, Twitter account, or Facebook account to start creating an account.

  2. Once you've signed in with a new account you can select which account type you'd like, including Standard, Family, Student, or Military.

  3. Select Student, and complete the signup process by entering your payment information.

    A Tidal user selects the Student discount option

    You can select a student discount of the Tidal HiFi plan or the HiFi Plus plan, which provides higher fidelity audio quality.

How to Verify You’re a Student

Once you've signed up as a student, you'll need to provide details and prove you're a student at a link from Tidal. This form will be two pages and ask for a few basic details that remain private and aren't shared outside the verification process.

  1. If you're not already there, go to the Tidal student discount page, and select your school from the provided list.

    The Tidal student discount form
  2. Fill in required information, and press Continue.

  3. You then need to provide a document showing your first and last name, school name, and a date within the last 4 months.

    Example documents include: Class Schedule, ID Card, or Transcript. You may provide more than one document if necessary.

  4. Select Choose File. Then, navigate to and select the document you want to use to verify your student status.

    A Tidal user uploads documentation proving their status as a student
  5. Once you've attached the document, press Next, and a confirmation page appears stating an email will be sent when your verification is confirmed for the Tidal student discount.

Understanding the Tidal for Students Fine Print

While the SheerID says it won't rent or share your information and only uses it to verify details on behalf of Tidal, it also recommends you still cover sensitive information.

On the submitting page it says:

We strongly suggest covering up or redacting all sensitive information on documentation before uploading it into our system.

While an official Enrollment Letter from your academic institution is okay, SheerID says acceptance letters will not be approved. Beyond the listed forms of valid documents above to prove your student status, these are also acceptable:

  • Class schedule for the current academic term
  • Registration or tuition receipt
  • Transcript that shows classes currently in progress

Who Qualifies for a Tidal Student Discount?

To get a student discount through Tidal, you must attend a "Title IV, degree-granting college/university in the United States."

While there are lots of classifications of students and schools, the Tidal discount doesn't extend to every circumstance. Tidal uses a similar process as Spotify and works with a company called SheerID to help verify students for various promotions.

Tidal users can get a student discount if they meet certain criteria
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