How to Get a Google Play Refund

How to get your money back for an app or game you don't want

What to Know

  • Within two hours of the purchase: From your device, find the app in the Google Play Store and tap Refund.
  • Within 48 hours: Go to Google Play Refund and follow the prompts. Or, go to your Google Play account and select Request a Refund.
  • For YouTube Music, you can cancel a subscription at any time. You aren't eligible for a refund unless your subscription has tech issues.

When you purchase a game, app, subscription, or other content from the Google Play Store, you might get a refund if you bought it accidentally or changed your mind. There are limitations, and policies differ depending on what you purchased. Here's how it works.

If You Made a Purchase Within the Last Two Hours

If you made your purchase within the last two hours, it's easy and quick to request a refund directly via the Google Play app on your mobile device. Just search for the app in the Play Store and tap Refund, then tap Yes to confirm.

Refund and Yes in the Google Play app

How to Request a Refund From Google Play

If you're outside the two-hour window and you want to request a refund, first check to see if your purchase meets the Google Play refund criteria (see below). For most Google Play products, you need to request a refund within 48 hours of purchase.

  1. In a web browser, go to the Google Play Refund Request page, read the refund information, and select Continue.

    Google Play Refund Request page with Continue highlighted
  2. Confirm the account used to make the purchase, then select Continue.

    Google Play refund page with Continue highlighted
  3. Google Play displays a list of recent purchases. Select the purchase you want to be refunded, then follow the prompts. Google says you'll likely receive a refund decision within 15 minutes to four days.

Another Way to Request a Google Play Refund

If the automated refund-request system doesn't show your purchase, request a refund via your account history page.

  1. Using a web browser on your computer or a mobile browser on your mobile device, go to your Google Play account page and select Order History.

    Google Play account page with Order History highlighted
  2. Locate the purchase you want to refund, then select Request a Refund (if available) or Report a problem.

    Order history in Google Play with Report a Problem highlighted
  3. Click Select an option.

    Google Play report a problem menu with Select an Option highlighted
  4. Select the reason that you want to request a refund. If there is no perfect match, choose the closest one.

    A selection of reasons to request a Google Play refund.
  5. Describe your issue, or explain your request, in the provided field, then select Submit.

    Google Play refund request with Submit highlighted
  6. You'll get a refund decision email as early as 15 minutes after you submit your request, though it may take up to four days.

Cases of Fraud or Unauthorized Purchases

If you have a charge on your account that you didn't make, and nobody you know used your phone to make the purchase, then Google asks you to follow a specific set of instructions. You can report unauthorized purchases within 120 days of the original purchase.

Google Play Refund Policies

Refund policies differ depending on the Google Play product you purchased.

Apps, In-App Purchases, and Games

If you bought a game, an app, or made an in-app purchase, and you changed your mind, you may be able to get a refund from Google Play if it's within 48 hours of your purchase.

Google Play Movies and TV

If you purchased a movie or TV show and haven't watched the content, you can request a refund within seven days of purchase. If there was a problem with the content not playing and it's not your fault, you have 65 days to request a refund.

Google Play Books

For e-book rentals, all sales are final, and you can't request a refund. For e-book purchases, you can request a refund within seven days. If there was a defect or other technical issue, you have 65 days to ask for a refund.

For audiobooks, all sales are final unless the audiobook doesn't work.

YouTube Music Subscription

You can cancel a YouTube Music (formerly Google Play Music) Premium subscription at any time. However, you aren't eligible for a refund for the time you used the subscription. If there were technical problems or other defects with your subscription, you can request a refund and explain your situation.

Visit Google's official refund information for details about refunds on other Google Play products.

When to Contact the Developer

If your purchase doesn't meet Google Play's refund criteria, contact the developer directly.

Developers are not required to issue refunds, so this method is not guaranteed. Your best bet is to state your case honestly, be polite, and hope for the best.

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