How to Get a Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Gmail


mako/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 license

The reminder comes soon enough. A mere seven minutes after you sent the email including all the promised reports, you get back a quick note: "did you, perhaps, forget to attach...?"

Not soon enough a reminder, you say? So says Gmail. Employ the right wording in your message to promise files ("have attached"), and Gmail can remind you before it delivers the message if you have not, in fact, attached.

Get a Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Gmail

To get an alert from Gmail when you promise a file in your message but fail to attach any files, remember to include the following words when sending attachments:

  • "I have attached"
  • "I've attached"
  • "I have included"
  • "I've included"
  • "see the attached"
  • "see the attachment"
  • "attached file"