How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail

Send more than one email at a time in just a few steps

Forwarding email messages in Gmail is a snap, right? Just a couple of clicks, add a forwarding address, and you’re done. However, sending a lot of messages, such as a thread of messages, that way can become tedious. Use a Chrome extension to automate the work.

The extension works on Microsoft Edge, too, if you're using the Chromium-based version with the optional Chrome Store flag activated.

Load the Extension Into Chrome

The secret to this process is the Chrome extension called Multi Forward for Gmail.

  1. Open the page for the extension and select Add to Chrome at the top of the screen. 

    Chrome Web Store showing the Multi Forward for Gmail extension.
  2. In the dialog box, select Add Extension

    Multi Forward extension screen with Add extension highlighted
  3. After it installs, the Multi Forward for Gmail icon (a curved, right-facing arrow) appears in the upper-right corner of Chrome, beside the icons for any other extensions you have installed. 

    Multi Forward icon at top of Chrome screen
  4. To activate the extension, close Chrome, then open it again.

Now you can use the extension.

Forward Multiple Emails

  1. Open Gmail in Chrome and go to your Inbox.

    Gmail Inbox
  2. Choose the email messages you want to forward by clicking the box to the left of each one. 

    Checked boxes next to emails in the Gmail Inbox
  3. In the toolbar, select the Multi Forward icon (remember, it’s a curved, right-facing arrow). 

    The Multi Forward for Gmail icon in Chrome toolbar
  4. The extension prompts you to sign in to Gmail to authorize this function.

    You’ll only have to go through this process once.

    When the Multi-forward dialog box comes up, click Sign-In.  

  5. The next dialog box tells you what the extension is authorized to do. Click Allow. You’ll then see a confirmation message—close it.

    The Multi Forward for Gmail extension is showing a screen that describes what it's allowed to do.
  6. Select the Multi Forward icon again. In the Multi-forward dialog box, enter the email addresses of the people you want to forward your selected messages to. Click Multi-Forward to send.

    The number of emails per day you can forward this way may be limited to a certain number depending on your specific setup. 

  7. You’ll see another Multi-Forward dialog box that you should leave open until you see a confirmation message. Once you see the confirmation message, you’re done. 

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