How to Forward iCloud Mail Messages to Another Email Address

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With every Apple product almost comes an iCloud account; with that iCloud account comes an email address and the iCloud Mail account to use it.

What, though, if you have several email accounts and addresses already and, possibly, other iCloud Mail accounts, too? What if you do not want to check the—new and maybe tertiary—iCloud Mail address for new messages explicitly and still do not want to miss any messages arriving there either?

You can have iCloud Mail forward to another email address—the one you are sure to check regularly, for instance—automatically. If you set up automatic forwarding, you get to decide whether you want a copy retained at the forwarding iCloud Mail account, too.

Forward iCloud Mail Messages to Another Email Address

To have iCloud Mail forward messages arriving at your iCloud Mail email address to another email account automatically:

  • Click the Show Actions menu gear near your iCloud Mail web interface at's lower left corner.
  • Select Preferences… from the menu that has shown.
  • Open the General tab.
  • Make sure Forward my email to: is checked under Forwarding.
  • Enter the email address to which you want incoming messages automatically forwarded following Forward my email to:.
  • Optionally, to have emails deleted from the iCloud Mail account once they have been forwarded:
    • Make sure Delete messages after forwarding is checked.
      • Do verify forwarding works before enabling automatic deletion to avoid having messages lost.
      • Note that iCloud Mail will not send a verification message itself; forwarding will start immediately and, it seems, unconditionally.
  • Click Done.

(Updated May 2014)