How to Attach Emails in Gmail

The web version of Gmail differs from Gmail loaded into a desktop email program

Although Gmail as a service is perfectly capable of forwarding several emails simultaneously, the webmail version of Gmail does not support this feature.

Forward Messages One at a Time

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The easiest on-the-fly method of forwarding more than one message is to forward each message individually. This approach works best if you only have a few messages to send. Open each message, forward it, and move on.

Install an Add-On or Extension

The Gmail web client supports add-ons, but that ecosystem is limited. You may find a specific app or service that meets your needs, or you might not.

However, the Chrome web store includes Chrome-based extensions that affect Gmail functionality. If you can't find a Gmail add-on, you might find a Chrome extension that meets your needs. Two popular choices include Multi Email Forward for Gmail and Multi Forward for Gmail. Although these extensions are similarly named and perform similar tasks, they're the products of different organizations.

Installing a Chrome extension limits you to browsers that run on the Chromium engine and can install Chrome-based extensions—basically, Chrome and Vivaldi. Safari and Edge cannot install Chrome-based extensions until Edge completes its engine migration to Chromium.

These plug-ins don't forward several emails in one email—these plug-ins only automate forwarding messages one at a time. Forwarding 20 messages to a single recipient will show the recipient receiving 20 emails.

Use a Desktop Email Client

Microsoft Outlook connects natively to Gmail accounts. With Outlook, you can forward one or several email messages with ease, no different than with emails from any other provider. The Windows Mail built-in email client for Windows 10 also natively supports Gmail.

Other email clients, particularly ones that don't offer out-of-the-box Gmail support, will support Gmail with IMAP access activated.

Download EML Files

Another method entails the download of each email you want to forward from within the Gmail web app. Then, create a new message and attach those downloaded messages into a single outbound email.

Most email providers support end-to-end encryption. If you open the message source in the Gmail web app, you'll see blocks of code representing the encrypted message. Alternatively, you'll see raw HTML if you were corresponding with someone else using rich text or HTML. The View Source approach works best with messages that rely exclusively on plain-text messaging without the safety of encryption. It's also the best option when forwarding messages to report spam or other email issues.


How to Forward E-mails as Attachments in Gmail

Downloading email from within the Gmail web app involves two steps. First, download the email to your local computer (open the message, click the three-dot menu, select Show Original, then choose Download Original). Second, attach the downloaded messages to a new email. This approach isn't true forwarding, but the end result is the same.

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