How to Attach Emails in Gmail

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Forwarding one message (or conversation) at a time is all nice and good.

How about forwarding disjointed threads, though? What about those cases—email support, for instance—when you need to forward an entire message including all its headers and source code?

In a tad roundabout but still not entirely unreasonable manner, Gmail lets you do all this by saving emails as files and then sending them as attachments.

How to Attach Emails in Gmail to Forward or Resend Them

To attach an email in Gmail:

  1. For each message you want to forward, do the following to save it as an EML file in Gmail:
    1. - Open the message.
    2. - Click the More button () next to Reply near the email's top.
    3. - Select Show original from the menu that has appeared.
    4. - Now save the file linked from Download Original.
    5. Note: Make sure the saved file ends in ".eml"; rename it if necessary.
    6. Tip: If you want to remove other recipients' email addresses from the messages you forward, open the .eml file in a text editor and chant it as needed.
  2. Start a new message in Gmail.
    1. Tip: You can start your forward by selecting Forward for one of the messages, of course; in this case, do delete the text beneath (and including) ---------- Forwarded message ----------, though.
  3. In the email's text, explain why the message or messages you are forwarding will interest each recipient.
  4. For each message you have saved as an EML file:
    1. Click Attach a file.
    2. Find and select the desired .eml file you saved before.
    3. Tip: If Gmail lets you select multiple files, you can attach all the desired .eml files in one go, of course.
  1. Edit the message's subject and body.
    1. If you did not start by forwarding a message, you can use "Fwd: " followed by one or more of the original message's subjects; to copy these subjects, open a new Gmail window or tab, or click Save Now in the composition window and find it again later in the Drafts label.
  2. Click Send.

Can I Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail?

Yes, using the steps above you can as easily attach and forward multiple messages in one go with Gmail.

Make sure you save all the messages you want to forward first, then attach all the saved .eml files.