How to Forward Calls

Enable Call Forwarding on Your Landline, Android, or iPhone

Call forwarding lets you automatically transfer an incoming call to a different phone number. This service comes in handy for different reasons in different situations. By forwarding your landline to your mobile number, for example, you're sure not to miss any important calls when you're not home. This also works the other way around; whenever you're home but don't have your personal phone on you, you can enable call forwarding to your landline to ensure you don't miss a call.

This article will provide the steps to set up call forwarding on your landline, Android, and iOS device.

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How to Forward Calls From Your Landline?

Follow these steps to set up call-forwarding on your landline.

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *72.

    If your carrier is either T-Mobile or AT&T, dial *21 instead of *72.

  2. Wait for a beep or a prompt requesting you to enter a phone number.

  3. Enter the ten digits, starting with the area code, of the phone number you would like to forward your calls to.

  4. Press the # key after you have entered the phone number

  5. Wait for the confirmation after the # key. This can be a beep or a chime sound.

  6. Hang up the phone and test.

How to Forward Calls on Android

Follow these steps to set up call-forwarding on an Android device.

  1. Launch the Phone application.

  2. Select the Menu icon in the top-right corner.

  3. Select the Settings option from the menu.

    Older versions of Android may say Call Settings instead of Settings.

  4. Select Calls from the menu.

    Menu, Settings, Call buttons in Android Settings
  5. Select Call Forwarding.

  6. Make a selection from one of the following options:

    • Always forward: All calls are forwarded
    • Forward when busy: Calls are forwarded only if you are currently on another call.
    • Forward when unanswered: Calls are forwarded when you don’t answer the call.
    • Forward when unreached: Calls are forwarded when your phone is off, in airplane mode, or has no signal.
  7. Enter the phone number to which you would like to forward your calls.

  8. Select Enable or OK

How to Forward Calls on iPhone

Follow these steps to set up call-forwarding on an iOS device.

  1. Launch the Settings app

  2. Select the Phone > Call Forwarding.

    If you do not see this option then your mobile carrier has not permitted call-forwarding on your account. Contact your carrier to add the service.

  3. Toggle Call Forwarding to On (green).

    Phone, Call Forwarding, Toggle
  4. Select Forward To.

  5. Enter the phone number to which you would like to forward your calls.